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Nov 10, 2003
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warwickshire uk
Hi all, just to let you know about North Oxford Garage(bmw) have
for a couple of months started to deal on the bike side of things, all very new and you are made very welcome.:)
Just took the beastie in there today - hadn't got time to change my own oil for once. Called them this morning and asked if they could fit the bike in this morning - and they could.

I always worry when you go into a garage and can't see any oil anywhere, or any tools on the wall, but NOG have been good to me so far...

Bike came back with oil changed, clutch adjusted and beautifully cleaned. Not only that, but a seriously good coffee bar as well, complete with Lebanese pastries! Reeeesult!

Well worth a look I reckon - and rather better than its predecessor in these parts.


Had twinspark recal done last saturday while i waited. bike ready by 8.30 am. service with a smile!

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