New build start-up problems

Instant reaction is that the button's not latching.

Does it start if you short the connection on the back of the button (ie bypass it) so there is a proper connection?

mine did that

has it got 2 buttons ?

if not - keep it pressed for about 5 seconds - then it starts.

some strange motherboard setup
Yes - it has 2 buttons - a start and a reset button. It seems to me that the start button is not designed to latch - just give a pulse. Even if I jumper out the start button contacts - it still just starts for half a second and then dies. I tried holding it in for 5 - 10 seconds - still no joy.
Everything appears to get power all at once - cpu fan and case fan start spinning and the little leds light up but ehn - nada.

Getting desperate here. Did a check on the MSI website and apparently the chip I have fitted is compatible with the motherboard.

I had a very similar problem on this very computer I am using. I too built it myself.

Feedback from internet forum's on the problem suggested that the motherboard may be too close to the floor of the case causing a short (hell knows why). I checked it anyway and found no problem.

Basically if I leave the mains on to the computer all the time it starts okay. If I turn the mains to the PSU off and then turn it and the computer on the fans all run for a few seconds and that's it. I then have to turn the mains off and on again and push the start button again and it starts okay.

So all I can suggest is turning the mains off and trying again.

If anyone's got any more ideas here I'd appreciate it too.
Fergus....ya man Eric makes a lot of sense....albeit the test bit by bit solution is a right royal PITA.:(

The easiest way to sort this out is to take the board out of the case, and without any processor / gfx card/ memory connect the PSU both ATX and ATX 12+ connectors (the 4 pin connector, this is often forgotten).

Then power on the board by shorting the power on pins. (or connecting the power on lead to the power on pins and only that ). The board should powerup and stay going. If it shuts down again then its either the psu or motherboard.

Then plug in CPU and try again. Then memory and then GFX card.
If all is well and you get a VGA signal then fit to the case. watch the brass standoffs and all should be well. Make sure you use standoffs to keep the board off the back of the case. I know its a simple thing to point out but has to be said never the less.

If you've tried bridging the button out step by step, then going back to basics and finding out when the problem re-occurs is the most methodical way of doing it.:(

Well, here I am communicating to you on my newly built PC :beerjug:

Eric's approach was right. I did as he said, removed the board and removed everything from it with the exception of the 2 power supply cables. Started no problem. Reinstalled CPU. Would not start. Removed CPU - started. Finally figured out that I did not have the CPU seated correctly in it's holder. :rolleyes:
Fitted fans, RAM and other bits and pieces and tested at each stage during the rebuild. Worked fine.

Must have been that I never had the CPU properly seated from the beginning.

Ah well, you live and learn.

Thanks for all your help by the way.

I'm off for another beer now :beer:


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