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i am just having some work done on my 81 R80G/S i'm having the 1000cc conversion and head converted for unleaded, whilst i was at it i thought it prudent to get a new clutch fitted as well as a twin caliper brake conversion, should do anything else while i'm at it, trouble is i'm up to about £2000 now but i was hoping to make it bullet proof then just service it.
the bike has done about 30k, any advice please. nick
Probably could spend $$$$$$$$$$$$$ and still find something to up grade,fix,paint etc.

How 'bout just making the bike road worthy and then take a good trip.

After trip, make a list of things that would have made the ride/trip more enjoyable and comfortable for you.

Welcome to the never ending money pit hobby!

can recommend the Billit mini 6 for your G/S superb stopping power !! £312 -87 to the door and it looks great.
In both the gearbox off mod's i've done this year the clutch has been fine, may well not need replacing.
If you have not already had the 1000cc conversion done try Andrew Sexton !! If you have and converting to unleaded are you twin plugging it ??? Andrew Sexton mod's the advance retard unit which needs to be done to get it running right. Dyna coils work best at the moment you can get them from the USA with excellent exchange rates. . While your at it get their fantastic rotor, diode board and High output regulator (dont go the Odyssey route, use the standard part replacements) that will sort your electrics and if you contact Nippy Norman you can get a really trick volt meter for 20 quid.
It's great fun modding these bikes, what suspension have you got. The rear Ohlins works great .................

and while your onto Nippy Normans get yourself a life saving LED rear light which is amazingly bright and just retro fits in existing light. :beer:
food for thought

the brake conversion is being carried out by difazio motorcycles my local airhead specialist so hopefully he knows what he's doing, you've certainly made me think as i was going to get a gell battery, are the electric parts you mentioned something i could fit, ? i'm fairly useful and feel a bit guilty that i'm not doing the other work myself, just don't seem to have the time or inclination any more plus the english weather doesn't help.
the rear shock is still stock in fact the whole bike was , i fitted a 32litre pd tank that cost me an arm and a leg, at this rate i'd have been better off buying a new gs, i just like simple bikes, do the u.j's require any lub.?,
once sorted i hope to have a few adventures on her, went to cambodia last month on an indian enfield, roads were terrible and the drivers all psycopaths, still the hookers were pretty,(not that i indulged, honest)
twin plugging

is the twin plugging important, and should i get the electric mods now? ie before the bike is stripped or can they be fitted afterwards without restripping,
twin plugs

definitely a must do mod'.you can run on all sorts of shitty unleaded then. Also the burn is so much improved and you can maximize performance. Must say though you can get it done for a fraction of Defazio's prices (wow that must be costing you an arm and a leg:D ) But then if you can afford to shell out ona P/D tank you mjust be loaded anyway !! I have a spare standard coil if you dont want to run to Dynacoils (the best). You will need the advance/retard moified, Andrew Sexton (brilliant 45 years experience of flat twins, he was doing mods before most folks had heard of 'em, he aint that cheap but he is the best -my opinion- 01608 730111. He charges £35 to mod ignition unit. Did you buy the Siebenrock kit to convert to 1000cc, or are they just fitting 1000cc barrels and pistons. Another nice mod Andrew does is to shorten the gudgeon pin and modify piston so the circlips are inboard saves loads of weight !!
Also another sensible mod is a deep sump, Sexton sells em for £120.
I have a gel battery (Odyssey).all the mods to electrics i've done are as per MBW GSing around the World Greg Frazier , just improving suspect standard parts. They can all be done in situ with reasonable knowledge........
twin plugs

i probably was a bit quick in deciding what to do, still it's done now, i think he's fitting the Siebenrock kit at least i hope so, i'll contact Andrew Sexton tomorrow re the mods, do i need to get them before defazio start stripping or is it something i can do afterwards,
if you get a moment can you tell me exactly the parts to order from motoelekt and i'll email them for a quote. also who would i get the dual plug leads etc from
cheers nick
see ya later

off to scotland for christmas, will catch up when i get back,
have a good one everyone.

Best thing is to sign up here as a sponsor then if you like we can speak over the phone line, the parts to ordedr are simple and the best time to do the mod's is while the heads are off. I might be able to save you some cash, where in south west are you???
07808 264114:beer:

when i spoke to defazio he said he'd do all the necessary mods so i let him carry on, when i mentioned mods to the advance, retard'he just said he'd alter the timing?
still i suppose it'll be better than it was.
thanks for all the help anyway.
NO !!!

No, its not good enough to just alter the timing, the whole advance retard unit needs modding. Just let them do it, and then arrange to visit Andrew Sexton, or get a Motoelektric one, which is the best way to go. Its a common fallacy that you just alter the timing, talk to Guru Sexton or get some feedback here.

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