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Aug 4, 2004
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pudsey west yorkshire
hi had 2 fit new disks @ 4.000 miles refitted under warranty no probs but anyone else had any probs with rusty disks please info regards roger:beer:
yep had mine changed at about 6K

Mine warp long before they can rust. On my 8th set under warranty at the moment (BMW have the bike & are again trying to find why this is happening...)

brake disks 1150gs adv

tnxs fer the replys well dont look good having new disks so early
but i must admit my local dealer had no probs in replacing all 3 disks. ps while i am here anybody tell me how to get pics up here regards roger:shoot:
New front discs @ 8000 miles (11 months) on 1150GS for minor rust pitting on working surface. Wouldn't have worried me too much, but they had the bike anyway to replace fork brace and telelever (slight rust round shock mount).

The warranty is good, so I thought I'd use it while there was a dealer nearby.

Next week, customs clearance and VINZ permitting, I'll be too busy collecting gravel-road dust to care about cosmetics.
my adv had a new front disk at around 1000 miles it wasn't warped or anything, just v v badly pitted, replaced under warranty

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