New GS's on 1st March


Picked up my new twin spark Silver Adventure on Saturday 1st. I'm 6'3" and even I have to think a little when putting my feet down, which is strange. You feel so tall and intimidating to other road users - great feeling.

Wonderful bike, the dealer was excellent and I didn't even get wet. Even better was that Sunday was a great day weather wise and enabled me to get some miles in as I hate running bikes in.

My adventure came with Metzeler Tourances and after reading about these tyres I was very pleased. What tyres have others got?

Look forward to meeting others now, are there any meetings in the West Mids or perhaps staffs, Derbyshire.


I picked up my new GS on the first as well and this came with Trailwings fitted. I had these fitted on my Africa twin years ago and never found them to be too much of a problem, although I understand that a lot of the guys on here don't rate them in the wet.
If they are no good I'll change them for the Tourances.

That makes three of us then, picked mine up Saturday from CW in Dorchester.

Mine came with Tourances, the grip wet or dry is good. In fact I was surprised how well they grip for that sort of tyre.

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Biker Dave
Make that 4. Silver Adventure from Wollaston, same time, same place as Simon (Cecilthecat). Tourances fitted, experienced both wet and dry on way home, handles really well.
There are a few of us gathering for a ride-out in the Derbyshire Peak District over the weekend of March 29th and 30th. Check out details over the coming weeks in the Peak District forum.

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