New Stanton Cylinder Head Guards


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Jan 3, 2002
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North Yorkshire
How about trying some of these - they look cool !!

www Click on here.
They're produced in USA and I found it on the Adventure Riders site.
I saw the site last night, and they do look good, but at $200 ( approx £133) the pair, they are not cheap. Throw in HM Customs import duty at 9% and VAT, it brings them up to the £170 mark. Not to mention the postage of course.

That compares with the standard BMW ones which I believe are round about the £70 mark for the pair. For the price of Stanton ones, you can buy a good set of engine bars.

Where can you get the cool ones you see on the Boxer cup bikes. I spoke to the lads maning the BMW stand at the BMF but they were clueless as to where they were from. Any ideas anyone.
Wunderlich do them for the lower half of the cylinder head casings, but they're about £50 each. Call SPC.

Yes, I agree these look pretty good and the spec looks sound - albeit pricey.

Would I be right in assuming that no-one in the UK makes / retails a directly comparable product (ie Touratech, Wunderlich etc) ?

I may be off Stateside next year and might try to pick up a pair.

Alex B.
Where can you get the cool ones you see on the Boxer cup bikes.

I was at the BMW meet at Garmische this year and the company that makes them had a stand (official Boxer cup). They were beautiful but the most overpriced carbon fibre I have ever seen. (I seem to remember over $200.00 each!). Can't remember the name of the company (lost interest after the price) but will see if I can dig it out. Naturally, they are German.

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