Newbie here!


Hi everyone!
Just introducing myself... I have placed an order for a F800GS (black and yellow!!) which should arrive late July at Vines in Guilford (Does anyone have any experiences with this dealership?), and I can't wait to have it!.

It will be my first brandnew bike and I will have lots of questions!

I am also looking forward to doing some off-road around Surrey and wherever the bike takes me. I have never done off-road here in the UK so I have no clue where these greenlanes are and what they look like (Are they ok for bikes such as the F800GS?)

Welcome tr5esu

I have used Vines a few times and also bought a used bike through them. Nothing bad to say about them, servicing skills and costs seem about average for BMW and the parts staff have always been very helpful - just be aware that they can get busy at times.

Also watch out for the estate they are in as there are a lot of haulage companies nearby so can be a bit slick on the surface of the tarmac which when combined with the humungous curb edges and the odd pothole (I believe they recently filled in the most prominent ones that were near the lights) is a recipe for disaster - note I am not talking about Vines actual site just the road into it.
Thanks Eggchaser. I have noticed that it can get quite busy in that shop. Also if you go weekends the road gets packed with cars going to the dump I think.
I will probably do some test rides (I ve got to ride something until my bike arrives!!) and will defenitively watch out in that road. Don't want to end up paying excesses on top of my new bike!

welcome to the site, hope that you enjoy your stay :beerjug:

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