North Yorks alert!

Jim McSharry

Went to the Lakes today (should have been Durham but decided otherwise!) On the A65 - that's the road to Kirby Lonsdale - we were overtaken by a group of 6 jap 'bulitz' complete with accompanying police escort from the rear - unfortunately he was in a dark blue VW Passat of Bora with number 'X--- OBW' - lights in the grill and prettttttttttttttttty pissed off (Know the feeling well - well, used to if you know what I mean!) Anyway, seems like they have a new weapon in their arsenal - you have been warned!

Did he catch em? Noooooooo way!!!

(This is a public announcement by the way 'cos he was more of a road hazzard trying to catch them than the boys on the bikes!!!)

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