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amazing pictures,that ferry from Newcastle is gonna be busy this year
Thanks for sharing, those are some of the best pics I've seen...
Those are great pictures, the geology and all the water look wonderful, any chance I could trouble you to tell me whereabouts in Norway you went and at what time of year?

Looks wicked.

Thanks for your interest and comments.

My Sony DSC V1 did a great job in what were often moist conditions. I'd buy another for sure.

I'll try and post some trip details tomorrow.

All accommodation booked through About £60/night inc breakfast for a double with shower. Plenty of room available. Roads near empty.

Last week in July - first 2 in Aug [19 days]

Tour - based largely on Zwerver and liv's recommendations - went something like this:
newcastle > Kristiansand

E39 [DO NOT SPEED - 50 in a 60=£200]to Stavanger - ferry to Tau and 13 to Hjelmeland

2 nights
Trips; Ferry up Lyesefjorden to Lysebotn sailing under Prekestolen. Return to Hjelmeland clockwise via 45. *This is a MUST DO*.
Would stay an extra night and walk to Prekestolen.


Hejelmeland > Gudvangen

4 nights
1.Flam railway - Good but considering the free scenery in the rest of Norway expensive.
Also, longest road tunnel in world 15miles. I've a 6.6MB Mpeg of on bike footage riding through one of the truck turning bays situated every 5miles [3 of them]. Like Santas grotto. If you've broadband and want to see it let me know.
2. From Gudvangen- Clockwise [CW] E16>5o to Hol. Return on 7 past Vøringvossen
3.4 Ferries in one day. Take road over pass rather than 15m tunnel. Snow on sides of road.
Glacier museum at Mondal. stave church at Urnes


Gudvangen > Loen

7 nights.
1. Brigsdalsbreen - glacier
2. from loen > Stryn. take 15 east and pick up Gamle Strynfjellsvegen [258]. At 15 head east to
Geirangerfjord. Short gravel road to Dalsnibbat.
Continue through Geirangerfjord take ferry across Norddalsfjorden and head north to Andalsnes on 63. A long day but *maybe the best road trip you'll ever take*.

3. Loen > Gamle Strynfjellsvegen [258] > Geirangerfjord then ferry to Hellesylt
4. Vestkapp - Stadlandet peninsular
5. Kjeendalsbreen and Bodalsbreen - very close to loen.

We spent 19 nights in Norway. The balance of the trip was spent in Tretten near Lillehammer, one night in Oslo at the Villa Froggner [AVOID!] and 2 nights in Vradal in telemark.

Whilst by any other standards Tretten was nice with plenty of gravel roads it was a big let down after the fjords. If I had to do it again I'd miss out Tretten or at least make it the start of the holiday and travel ACW around Norway.
Humm, very tempting.

Especially as the ferry North Shield ferry is just about on my door step.

… however, on of the photo’s has to be posted in the caption competition section :D
Great pics Russ! I've been there too last June.

These make we wanna go back!

Not now though... take a look here, a webcam overlooking the Geiranger fjord:

But hurry, it's gonna be dark there soon!

Rabbitson said:
What would the weather be like in Norway if I wanted to go in say the middle of June?

Any ideas?

Then the road to Geiranger could look like this : :D
This one is taken on my second trip to Norway, in june/july '93,
just before the side road to Dalsnibba...


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Rabbitson said:
What would the weather be like in Norway if I wanted to go in say the middle of June?

Any ideas?
We left in the middle of June last year.

We had great weather mostly. Just a few hours of rain in 10 days. Mostly sunny.

Temperatures were fine: 20 - 25°C but ONLY at low altitudes!! Once you go higher, at about 1000 meters, it's only 10 - 15°C. So better take your winter coat along. You're often above 1000 meters!

Of course, you could get lots of rain too. As far as I have heard, June is a good month to go generally.

Nice pics... an i'm glad those sceneries is just a couple of hours away...:D

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