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Ian Whinnett

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Mar 27, 2003
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Mid Wales
I have had my 1100GS for nearly 2 years (97 model), the past 6-8 months have been trying. The bike lives out doors in all weather and is used everyday resulting in above average milages. I maintain it myself being a mechanic any way but do use Bracken as required for parts and advice. The bike persists in letting water into the tank despite cleaning the tank several times and changing seals etc. Agrivated is the fairly new problem of cutting out on one cylinder intermittantly when the weather is wet. IE been fine for the past month but this weekend has seen the return of my single cylinder 1100 GS. Am miffed as I have no clue and can only think of the HT leads

.:barf :barf

Hope there is advice, and thanks for taking the time to read.
Ian, check the wiring going to the throttle bodies, they just unclip and you can se a nice water trap that makes the terminals corrode. Have a go, it worked for me.:D

when u open the petrol tank u can c a small hole @ the top of the circle where the petrol goes in .Well this wee hole lets the rain water run off .It goes down a pipe thru the petrol tank ,my xperiance is that this wee pipe blocks and doesent let the rain water run thru.{does this make any sense}So the ans is to clean this pipe and it is a Boll***s of a job 2 do.GOOD LUCK

Thanx i will try the throttle body wiring tomorrow and hope, I have cleaned the offending drain pipe several times and no luck. I have found the best way is an compressed air line with pressure restricted to about 50psi. But being a mech does give me access to these things but so does a petrol station.

PS are there any other GSers in SW London who are at a loose end from the middle of may onwards for the occasional blast, would be nice as I do not know anyone who has a GS now since John Hill Passed away.

Iano ,, there are 2 sections to the pipe. Blowin thru @ the upper end only blows into the fuel/pump/filter U ave 2 clen the bottom end as well ,,basically until u c the water blowin outa the bottom end of the pipe.

wunderin bout all this suckin&blowin
Sorted sort of

Ok the misfiring is sorted, there is a small slit in the HT lead just where it turns through 90 deg and changes into the plug cap, this has occured on the left cylinder, looks like screw driver use to remove the cap.

A new lead or pair is required but they are a horrific price, BMW sell them as pairs but Bracken do them singly for £36 + vat each. Seems very steep to me.

I have posted a request to Beru the manufacturer and maybe they will be cheaper.

I will let people know how I get on.
Hi Ian
Re your water in the tank problem, When I was looking into buying a large trail type bike I read everything I could & I was leaning towards the1100gs but I was put off by two things which came up in almost all the reports one was the 5 speed only gearbox & the other was the unsolvable problem of water getting into the tank especially if you leave it on it's sidestand in the rain.
sorry it's not positive feedback! Goodluck

OK Geezer, ta for the info.

If the 1100 was not a viable option then what has the 1150 got that the 1100 has not. I am assuming that opted for the latter over the 1100 due to the water ingress to the tank.

I don't park the bike on the side stand at all as they weep oil through the valve stem seals, all boxer engines do this and so I avoid the possibility.

I think that I have cured the water ingress but am waiting for a few wet days / nights to find out. I have cleaned the tank out again (must get some of these Touratech speed fastners for the fuel pipes) and packed the fuel cap with vaseline and smeared the seals. If this works then I will be delighted if not then I will be moving to a house with a garage!!!!!

I am interested in finding out if the 1150 has the same water problem though.

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