Off Road North Yorks Moors

Off Road on the North Yorks Moors

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  • I wouldn't want to get me GS dirty, it's not an off road bike you know

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  • Can't we do it after the glorious 12th for more fun ?

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Jan 3, 2002
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North Yorkshire - but the map isn't the territory
Any interest in an off road ride over the moors - STRICTLY GSs only ?
Be end June at earliest. Mainly stone tracks I was thinking of - it would be do-able on 1150 / 1200 (hello Jez!) too as I plan to be two up ! (For those in the know, it won't include the likes of the 'direct start' on Ruddland Rigg :eek: )
Thought it would be good to get isolated and away from it all, but without getting too serious.
To join the tracks would be some fine single track tarmac that won't be much better than the trails ?
Fancy it ? Stick a vote on.
Plan it to be before the grouse season (obviously all legal trials too) and during the 'dry' season - though that might be now :rolleyes:
I'll do some ground work and post something next month.


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Don't think tyres will be an issue - I'm on TCK's, but even road tyres would be OK.............he famously said :rolleyes:
That's the way I was planning it - easy, but fun ! ;)
KTM520 - naw - that would be cheating mate, bring a GS ! It'll be easier than KTM prey :p
me me me meeeeeeeeee!
dates and times permiting of course
Sounds top notch - we'll be there on the GS 2-up unless we can let Georgie bring her Serow? Then I'll be able to stand up on the GS and she'll get a decent ride. Something silly about buying a 200kg dirt bike for a 5 foot woman!

Are you thinking of 2 days riding with a camp in between? If so there's a campsite are Rydale with a fab pub half way up the hill.

Simon and Georgie
Oh sh*t, it was just an idea - looks like it could turn into something even more worthwhile ;)
Pub after sounds good, lots of pleasant places about, and lots of B&B's etc. :beerjug:
I'll try and get some dates first (our diary is getting amazingly packed already) With level of interest we might have to go for July - that's away from our hols and travel plans, and before shooting season. (sorry bout schoolies)
Keep your comments coming.
Reason for GS only is to enforece a restriction on numbers, if open to all we could get quite a large posse which could work against it. (we may have more than one group tho to prevent probs ?)
I stress it'll be easier rather than harder, and stone rather than mud for that reason.
I'll suss some dates, routes, and we'll go forward from then.
Apart from Kelso, any other dates to avoid clashing with (this is not intended as a 'National Event', just some fun !)
hmmmmm...........better get busy ;)
Aye, we'll see you at HU too. (I seem to think we'll be picking your brain on C Asia if I remember your trip correctly)
Checked the club calendar, considerably more space on it than ours at present :( December anyone :D I think we can fit it in somewhere though ;)
More later once I have consulted the wise one with a diary
yeah fritz,

count me in. hope dates don't co-incide with the picos (16-22 june). see you next week end for some scottish?

count me out cos i killed my left collar bone at bmf all will come clear in threads about bmf
art of falling off...

jez said:
count me out cos i killed my left collar bone at bmf all will come clear in threads about bmf


told you to practice falling off more often...!

speak later

d:gringo x

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