Off road skills 15-16 April


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Sep 3, 2002
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Anyone else booked up for the 15-16 April off road skills?
Also any advice about what to take along or where to book up for digs would be welcome.............
I just might be???

I'm going to try for those dates as I'm offshore for the dates in March that Andy Taylor and the other guys are going on - hopefully see you there if theres avaiability.

Have Fun
I'm not on this course but am down for 15th/16th June (for Level II).
However, I have booked in at the Abercrave Inn 01639 731002 £30 pppn - which is where all the participants meet/eat/drink.
Suggest you book asap, as I didn't when I did the Level I (two years ago, John Deacon & Simon Pavey) & so had to stay at a b&b which, though OK, was miles away!
You are going to have SUCH FUN on the course.....
I'm also booked on the 15/16 April course. BMW aren't rushing to provide information about it - or even confirmation of booking - and the website is full of errors.
Hi Gentz,

I'm booked on the level I for 15/16 April and level II for 15/16 June, staying at the Abercrave Inn for both.

What part of Essex do you live in Lumpsucker, might be able to meet you en-route - originally planned to leave Monday lunchtime from work in South London.

See you in June Ralphy, Fatbloke.
I'm envious of you all. Lisa and I did the course last year and trust me your not going to be disappointed.

If you want info on the course ie, what to expect and on which days, plus accommodation details and other stuff then go to our website hope this helps 2 Ride The World . On the right hand side you'll see the link buttons. There is a direct link to our BMW off-road course pages.

Simon T

I'm doing L2 on 15/16th but the Abercrave is now full for those dates
Can anyone give me the website for the offroad courses ? Seems like I have been missing to know more.
The Gecko
(lost in Belgium)
Fatbloke, Two other Essex boys are booked in for 15/16th April, myself from Hockley and a mate from Maldon.
It looks like we may have to travel down on the Monday eve due to work commitments. We have booked in to Copper Beech Inn as Abercrave Inn is fully booked.
I spoke to BMW today who said postal confirmations have been sent out this week.
Roll on April.......

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