Off road vs tarmac apparel


Any ideas how good off road style gear is on the tarmac?

What Im specifically thinking is that some of the more dirt bike oriented gear looks fantastic for summer or hot countries (I wish...) but without the cordura etc its probably not so good should one come off on the way top the forest tracks etc.....

Any comments? Any recommendations for off road style gear that is lightweight, preferably waterproof and will still keep the tarmac away from the skin?
Off road kit

Yo Doctor, check out Hein Gericke Rallye Raid jacket and pants, bloody fantastic, waterproof liners come out on both leaving a really tough canvas type material that is incredibly cool, in both ways if you know what I mean.

Vents on the arms, zipper type, across the back too, and the sleeves unzip off, really useful, all supplied with armour.

Jacket about £150, pants a ton but you get what you pay for. I will not wear anything else for long or short trips.

Good looking gear for our type of bike as well, looks like you do serious touring type stuff.

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