Ohlins for shorties


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Jan 8, 2002
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The suspension on my GS needs replacing so I am thinking about upgrading to Ohlins.

I understand that standard Ohlins raise the ride height. Can anybody let me know by how much (I am already on tiptoe with the standard shocks and 1/2 preload dialled in).

I checked the Ohlin website and there appears to be a shorter version available (46ER). Has anybody got these ? Are they the same apart from less travel ?

An increase in height was what I was expecting from the fitting of Ohlins as well, and I talked to Harris, who said that there is a 'reduced-stroke' (fnarr fnarr) version that they have configurations for. I think they wanted £50 per shock to set them up this way.

But I bought a second hand set which seemed to be the same height as the rather tired OEM Showas that they replaced. The previous owner had spent some time fiddling with them, so perhaps this is why I didn't have to.

Marked improvement in ride quality, so worth the dosh. You might see a second hand pair on sale here, not mine yet, when the more affluent members upgrade to the 1200GS and sell all the bits first.

No Difference

I didn't notice any increase in ride height when fitted Ohlins to my GS - & I'm no great height (5'9", 32" inseam) but had no problems - and they're much better than new standard shocks so if yours are knackered, boy will you enjoy the ride:D


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