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It seems that the rate of oil consumption is related to the way the engine was run in. So, can those that know answer the following questions so we can see for certain? Perhaps others would find it useful to have a thread dedicated to this,

1) Oil consumption when brand new
2) Oil consumption now
3) Current mileage
4) Running in method (e.g. By the book, riding as normal, gave it a good thrashing, etc...)

The results will have direct influence on how I will be running in my 1200 GS.

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Paragons advise is right. The manufacturer always recommends plenty of gear and throttle movements because e.g. it's important for the rings to form a good seal with the bores when compressed outwards during off the throttle overrun etc.

Not let the engine breathe properly, by using smooth midrange power, it's harder to get a good bedding in seal - hence oil consumption is often usually higher with engines which have been mildy treated or laboured even, than those that are jogging along quite nicely.

Personally I warmed mine up for four or five miles from new, thrashed it quite hard near the limiter in each gear for a good ten or so miles afterwards - and then just rode it normally, for want of better expression, keeping it between 4,000 - 5,000 rpm for the rest of the 600 mile run in period.

First service is Monday but it hasn't used any oil so far, warms up quickly and has never gone over the normal running temperature mark even at a fairly constant 7,000 rpm with just five miles on the clock!

My personal view is don't warm the engine up on the stand, especially side-stand, as this is causing more harm than good; stick to 5,000 rpm whilst running in and once run in, whenever the engine is indicating normal running temperature use whatever of the rev range you feel comfortable using - the bike can easily take it :D
My 02 1150 with 12000 on the clock uses about 500mil of oil every 1000 miles, I cant remember what the oil consumption was when new. It was run in by being ridden normally, not carefully but not thrashed.

I was told that 500mil/1000miles is about normal for the 1150 until 20-30000 miles is up.

No noticeable usage to 1st service as far as I can recall.

1.3 l over next 3100 miles or so

Currently 5250 miles & has used around .4l in last 1500 miles

Ran it in by the book (I was going to use the more "aggressive" method but ran out of courage). Made sure plenty of throttle variation and use of overrun.

It is important not to overfill for a number of reasons

- one being you need to give the air a chance to cool the oil, (in the sump), before the oil cools the engine at the same time as it is cooled by the air, (the engine that is as well as the oil) - too much oil would mean a hotter engine

airflow thru the oil cooler cools the oil - not airflow IN the sump.

sump is cooled by external cooling fins from sump casting as additional cooling

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