Oil leak!!


Today started off really well with lots of sunshine. A great day I thought to take the bike out for a few miles and to visit Alston (the highest market town in England). So with the new GPS all routed up and now wired for sound I walked down to the garage. It was also my first chance to try out the Starcom1 intercom unit/helmet speakers/filtered earplugs and the MP3 player. I was also going to find out how well the fuel filler mod had turned out. So an interesting day planned. I even took a camera!

I opened the garage door, took the bike cover off and thought ‘god, let that be water under the bike’. Of course it wasn’t. There was about a teaspoonful of engine oil lying directly under the ‘crutch’ of the exhaust Y piece. I looked around with a torch and couldn’t see any sign of a leak around the engine/gearbox faces but had already come to the conclusion that the crankshaft oil seal had gone.

Sod it, I went out anyway. There was me riding along listening to the ‘Gypsy Kings’ with the GPS cutting in to say ‘turn right in 400 feet’ it was really impressive. A bit of adjustment to the VOX to stop wind noise cutting out the music and all was fine.

The A6 was well sh*tty. Having been gritted it was very greasy and the bike soon became white with salt.

I stopped in Penrith and put the bike on the sidestand. In less than 5 minutes there was a pool of oil gathering under the bike. So the trip to Alston aborted I headed back to Kendal.

Got the bike back jet washed and dried and still couldn’t see the source of the leak. Then I looked into the top of the sump guard and there was loads of oil just lying in there. Oil on the sump drain plug too. After a trip home to gather tools all was revealed.

Simple really, the sump drain plug was only finger tight!

So I’m partly annoyed at the technicians blunder and very relieved that I haven’t got a problem.

The dealer has a very good (and I’m sure deservedly so) reputation and I will speak with them tomorrow.

Bit of a b*ggered up day out though. No photos.

Oh and the fuel tank mod – 140 miles and still quite a way from the ‘count down’ so that definitely works.
Well, a spoilt day, but the bike is essentially OK - so I'd class that as not too bad. Was expecting to hear a nightmare story of some major oil seal blown.

Make sure the garage gives you some free oil and a discount off the next service:)
Phew, you had me in suspense there for a while...

Very glad the bike is allright! Too bad about your spoilt day tho!

I went out yesterday too - but only enjoyed about 1/3 of it due to crispy salty road surface... :(
so the starcom1 gets a thumbs up then?

Pleased the oil leak proved to be nothing more sinister!

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