OK, fellow lycraists - what's this then?


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Mar 20, 2003
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Probably in the office. Again.
Spotted this morning outside Brussels Midi station - it's EXACTLY what I've been after for ages, but was sadly secured with a big lock... :D


Son dynohub at the front, Rohloff hub gear, Magura hydraulic brakes, B&M headlight - but what is it? Don't recognise the frame or the spec from anywhere off the shelf. Does anyone else?? :nenau
looks a bit like a Thorn frame from SJSC, they also use Rohloff hubs. the rest of it looks like a mock up, brakes look to untidy to be off the shell, any frame with cantilever bosses will take the Magura's and I would imagine most 7 maybe 8 speed frames would take a RohLoff without toomuch fettling
it`s a bloody push bike

you have to pedel them to make them go anywhere. Where`s the sense in that! ;)

got a real bike yet? :D

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