OK in moderation, don't mix it with too much booze though. :)
Never heard of them...mind you, I've been avoiding PC mags for a while 'cos otherwise I'll decide I'm due another machine.

Sounds dodgy on the face of it though.....

What is ONSPEED?

ONSPEED is the solution for millions of Internet users who are frustrated by having a slow Internet connection and is a real alternative to Broadband.

ONSPEED is a software download which utilises a unique 9 patent approved compression technology that increases your existing Internet connection speed by up to 5 times.


* Easy to install for PC and MAC
* Available anywhere in the world
* works with your existing ISP
* A software download so there is NO need for new hardware
* 70% of the benefits of broadband at less than a tenth of the cost

I'm going to read up on it , but I'd bet it's no good for online gaming etc as the packets come direc from the server you're playing on and can't be compressed....might be ok for browsing though.
personally, i'd just get broadband if possible.

ADSL line reach was extended last month to 6km.
Onspeed, never heard of it and never buy computer magazines. (to dangerous)

However if you try it out give us a report, next year I will no longer have broadband so I'll be looking for something to speed things up...
Interesting technology - it appears to work as a proxy which retrieves the data for you to its servers and compresses bits for you then sends to you. In some cases it will degrade images to increase speed (but you can make this selectable). A review at the Guardian is here . If you download things which are already compressed then it wont save anything or will make it slower - text sites only though should be a bit slicker and may be worth £25 a year. But substitute for broadband it is not - no way will you see 70% of the benefits of broadband in real world use!
Onspeed is a major threat to privacy because all of your web browsing is redirected through their servers. If you read their privacy T's&C's you will see that they can use information about you, based on the profile of your browsing patterns in pretty much any way they want to.

Stay well clear.


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