Ordered an eTrex Legend C from Sportextreme


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Mar 15, 2004
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Near Oxford

On Sunday evening I placed an order for an eTrex Legend on Sportextreme.com and I'm a bit puzzled, so I thought that I'd ask here before getting my "angry customer"-character out of the closet... :rolleyes: :confused:

When I ordered the stock status showed a green dot, and as far as I know, that means it's in stock.
I've now tracked my order and the legend has got this "status":
Awaiting delivery - items needed before the order can be shipped
'pahdan? Does that mean that it's not in stock...?! :confused:

Anyone know...?!
Here I am, talking to myself again... :p :p

It's been shipped now! :cool: :D :cool:
Shipment 1 - shipped - this shipment contains the following items.
Status: Shipped
Dispatched on: 9/1/04 11:28:21 AM GMT+1

Don't think it'll arrive to UK by tomorrow... Would have been cool to have had it at Alton Towers on Friday :cool: Measure the speed of the rides... :cool:

.. Ok... I admit, I'm a gadget-geek... :D

Ram mounts, ordered just after GPS, arrived today... :D :cool:

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