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I think I could get it in the ear from posting this but here it goes. The other day I got hold of some of that spay on oven cleaner. You spay the stuff on leave for 45 minutes then wipe off nice and clean. I was so impress with this stuff I sprayed it on the pots and pans; gave them a got wash and they came up surprisingly well. Now I was thinking would this stuff work on the GS’s engine and suspension and stuff like that, the only thing that holds me back from giving it a good old spraying, is could I get more then I bargain for. Now has anyone else tried oven cleaner on their bike????
Have you tried taking the bike apart and putting it in the dishwasher?


No , No and thrice no!!!!!

Oven cleaner is caustic, and depending on what make it is, it can be HIGHLY caustic........

Most sorts will damage Aluminium alloys, usually turning it black...and short of taking off a couple of mil of metal, it's irreversable.

Oven cleaner on hot surfaces is also dangerous....most brands will release Sodium Hydroxide gas which will burn any mucous membranes and can easily damage eyes.

Take a look on the back of the can/bottle....as its listed as a harmfull substance it should have an orange logo and a list of constituants......post them here if you like or poke them into Google and be skeered.........very skeeered!!

It may be more expensive, but stick to propritary cleaners that say they do the job.....then at the very least you'll have some come-back when your bike dissolves :D
Fanum said:
No , No and thrice no!!!!!

will burn any mucous membranes :D

some people pay good money for that type of experiance, i can't ride my bike for the next fortnight .

;) ;)
Never thought of using the oven cleaner to get muck off the bike. I'm adding it to her list of daily chores for tomorrow. I'll let you know how she gets on.;)
I think regular 'rim cleaner' from car supply stores would be less dangerous to your finish...
Reprobate said:
I think regular 'rim cleaner' from car supply stores would be less dangerous to your finish...

... but it might damage your end :ymca :yikes
My bike is being picked up in about ten minutes for it's annual valet.... 60 well spent.

can't wait to see the look on the guys face, the bikes in a real state! well all accept the shinny new Ohlins that where fitted yesterday.

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