OZ BMW Safari

Oz BMW Safari

I was in Procycles today and picked up the forms, sounds like it should be good although I've never been on anything like it before.Any feed back from previous trips ??
Get in fast if you want to book on the ship from Sydney to Launceston. I've been on Safari before, and they are excellent fun. The roads are very well planned and the Adventure route tends to be a hoot. I know some people tackle it with a pillion, but I'd leave that to your own discretion based on your own experience with a pillion in sand and mud. I have helped a number of two-ups get vertical again. Of course, you can do some days on the standard route, and other days on the Adventure. Often the dirt roads intersect the bitumen so you can even change your mind during the day. I'm on the trip with my new R1200GS, but I'll be two-up this time so probably will stay on the black top.
But these trips are fun - you should enjoy it.

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