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I have a 94 R1100GS and I have noticed that in a number of places on the motor the paint has bubbled and flaked off. The metal underneath seems sound enough can someone recommend what pain to use and please tell me I don't have to strip the whole thing to repair this.
Is this common on BMWs this being my first.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you

Stephen, The engine is not painted as such. As far as I know it's been coated with some kind of clear lacquer, designed to aid and abet ease of cleaning.

This coating can easily be tarnished by petrol spillage onto a hot engine, I know as I've done it when a fuel line broke whilst riding. The covering goes a yellowish stained type of look and is not cleanable, one has to live with it.

As for bubbling and flaking off, I've never seen that on the new motors yet. Your machine is considered a new motor by the factory and it's design number is 259 or the whole machine is called a 259 series of bike. They were first manufactured in 1993 and the first model released was the R1100RS.

Previous twin cylinder bikes all had different alloy crankcase housings, they all look pitted and dirty by comparison to yours.

Where is it bubbling and flaking?

Flaking paint

I have a '99 R1100GS Anniversary model and it is used all year round come sun or snow. It has a tiny bit of flaking around the edges, at the front where the engine bolts together, other than that nothing too serious.

My guess would be that you can touch-up any bare areas but make sure that the paint you use can take the heat and that it won't discolour over time. As for the blistering that is an odd one, never come across that one before.

May be worth talking to a reputable body repair shop who know about paints.
The bubbling is low down on the front left of the motor. On the front cover and there is flaking on the right cylinder dead in between the fins



I had the same on my RS and it is just starting on the GS. Down to the dreaded salt I'm afraid.

I guess I will just rub it back then and get some replacement paint and tidy her up.

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