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Dave Hall

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Aug 6, 2002
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South Yorkshire
I remember a thread from a while ago regarding Netto (or similar) ski boot bags being the right size for panniers.
I was wondering if anyone had another source of nylon type bags. I have H&B cases
Dave, would these be any good? I originally had a pair of the ski boot bags from aldi, then i saw these in Gap. theyre roughly the same size as the ski boot bags and made of a thin rubberised type material. Rough size is 18" x 11" and 10" width. They go fine into a normal BMW pannier but restricted the kitchen sink i needed to take on the eastern bloc raid, so i left them behind.
They started out at £20 quid each but got them in the sale.
If its what you want £15 for the pair inc p&p will leave me about even.... Bryn


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Oh Yes, pipe and slippers member aswell now, sorry mate your trying to sell something,
i'm gone.
Steptoe said:
what the hell have you got on your feet ??????/

I dont care what you have on your feet...I`ll have those bags though.

PM me with your details Bryn and I`ll get sum dosh off to you soonest.
Steptoe said:
what the hell have you got on your feet ??????/

:D :D

Neil, can't you tell they're the feet of a 13 yr old???
As Reyno says, kids do have their uses (occasionally)
She had to look at the pic to make sure her feet looked ok before i could use the pic!
:D Bryn

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