Pannier lid problems


Bought the ally panniers for my adventure. 2 weeks after purchase the top box hinges sheared off, replaced. Set off for Spain day 2 Wind caught open side pannier lid and snaps it off. (out cargo net and Gaffa tape) day five other side pannier lid open and on its friction stop. Wife touches it and it goes straight to the horizontal position followed by straight to the floor (out more Gaffa tape and last cargo net).

Got a bike that will go around the world and panniers that wont go round the block.:mad:

With the cost of these things not the performance I expected (maybe Mule or touratech would have been the better option after all). Has anyone else had any similar problems, or was I the lucky one to get the Friday set. If so has anyone got a cure or a restraint system.

thanks in advance
who's going to tell him, i'll leave it to someone who's got a set of v***s panniers, poor mans only just back from holiday so his bank balance might seize up

:D :D
The same thing happened to both panniers on the Adventure that Bike mag tested in the Feb issue. Not what you'd expect for the money BM are asking for them:mad:

What's a Vern??

Is it a type of tape to fix wmb panniers??

Never heard of him.....he must be new.......

I'll ask that bloke who stands on those boxes on his bike I think......he might know
Kas, take them back to nice shiney mBw shop, insert into smarmy salesman, get money back, then come and see me and have a bacon butty and I'll sort you out. How do these people get away with it all the time, total crap that shouldn't have been allowed off the communial drawing board at the under 5's play group.
This is really wierd.

I think I must have been the only person to have had stays already fitted to the Adventure lids when I purchased them.
The day I picked the bike up, I watched the panniers being unpacked and when I opened them, the stays were there.
No-one else I have spoken to has had them pre-fitted and BMW do-not list them as a seperate part.

I had already made-up a set of stays using SS wire-rope and soldered ring connectors as I had heard lots of stories of the hinges getting broken but of course I had no need for them.
The stays are easy to make but if you like I could send you a set as they are easily fitted and of course cure this problem once and for all (they are practically identical to the BMW part).

This appears to have struck a nerve, as you appreciate mainly mine, have already tried the "insertion into smarmy sales person" route. But its difficult to remove that smile its obviously as tight as the grip they have on your money:mad:.

In my ignorance of these things, I to am curious. What is a Vern to which “Madmountainman” and I presume “Steptoe” refer, and why do I get the feeling it could be expensive!!

“Vern” (hopefully of Vern’s fame....see above) you appear to be stood on a set this seems impressive to say the least however do the lids stay on when you open them?

“Big Al Litch” thanks a lot for the offer mate, just as an aside were yours a recent purchase? (never know Mr BMW may have sorted them:rolleyes:, choking on crisp now!)
If you drop me an email I’ll let you know where to ship them.

Lastly what can I say guy’s thanks for the replies.
Of course the bloody lids stay on when you open them (unless you want to take them off of course) I'm afraid I haven't the skill and development facilities of Mbw, so you have to slide my lids off the boxes, but I am working on a new hinge which will break a lot easier than the Wbm one:D :D :D

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