PDA and Bluetooth


I have a Compaq bluetooth enabled Ipaq pda. I am considering purchasing the Navtech 4400 GPS unit which comes with street level maps for the sixteen European countries including UK. Has anyone tried this solution. To me there are pros and cons:

Time limit for a journey without spare pda batteries would be around seven hours. On the other hand it would not be necessary to have any wiring on the bike as the pda can be put in a pocket.
The Navtech unit runs for thirty hours on a set of batteries and could be left on the bike, under the seat or in a pannier. Thus no wires/connections between rider and bike.
On the move probably limited to voice navigation through ear piece.
Cheap compared with dedicated GPS units (as I already have pda) and the pda can be used for recording notes on journeys etc.
PDA can also have MP3 music files if that is your desire whilst travelling.

I am sure there are many pitfalls I have not considered so await reponses with interest.

The only concern I would have is that most PDA's are not 'ruggedized' for a motorcycle environment - so dust, water and vibrations might give you some problems.

If you could overcome those issues (perhaps by putting it inside the top of a tankbag, behind the plastic cover where maps normally go), then you would probably have a pretty good solution.

These are general comments, I'm not familiar with the abilities of the specific PDA models you refer to.


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