Peak District Rideout, March 29th

Simon Eassom

For anybody interested, there are a number of us doing a 140-mile circuit of the Peak District National Park on Saturday, March 29th. Anybody is welcome to join us for all or part of the day. The entire route is on tarmac (no off-road), following some of the best minor roads in the Peaks (very few A-roads will be ridden, and those that we do use are superb).

Meet up from 10.30am onwards in Longland’s Café (above the Outside Shop, enter through the shop) in the main street in Hathersage, or be geared up and ready to go at 11.30am.

Depart outside the George Hotel in Hathersage at 11.30am prompt – full petrol tanks please (no petrol stops on the way; no petrol station at lunch stop) – for 55-mile north Peak District loop via the Holme Valley and Glossop to Sparrowpit (near Chapel-en-le-Frith).

Lunch is from 1pm at the Wanted Inn in Sparrowpit. Join us there for a social gathering and/or come out for the afternoon for a southern loop back to Hathersage.

Depart in the afternoon from Sparrowpit at 2.30pm for an 85-mile ride via the Cat & Fiddle run, Longnor, Ilam, Beeley Moor and Curbar back to Hathersage for approximately 4.30pm. The afternoon run might be extended by a stop for tea and cakes in Longnor!

For those who like to know these things, here’s a rough guide to the route (taken from the Landranger 1:50,000 maps). Minor details might change:

Morning Run

Leave George Hotel in Hathersage, head West along A625 to jct at Bamford with A6013 (1.5 miles).
Turn right onto A6013, head North past Ladybower Reservoir (on left) to T-junction (approx. 2.5 miles).
Turn right, East, on A57 (approx. 1.5 miles).
First left on to unclassified road towards Sugworth Hall and follow road thru Hollingdale and Bole Edge Plantations to Bradfield Moor (approx. 3.5 miles).
Turn left after Thornseat to Agden Bridge and on to Ewden (approx. 3.5 miles).
Left turn to Upper Midhope, past Langsett Reservoir, to Langsett (approx. 2.5 miles).
Turn left onto A616, proceed NW to jct with A628 (1 mile).
Straight across A628 and continue on A616 (1 mile).
Turn left onto B6106 (1 mile).
Turn left onto unclassified road to Carlecotes and Townhead (1.5 miles).
Turn right before Dunford Bridge to Harden and Hade Edge passing Winscar Reservoir on the left (approx. 2 miles).
Turn left at jct with B6106 and follow to Holmfirth (2 miles).
Turn left on A6024 towards Holmbridge and Holme, continue over Holme Moss (past the TV aerial) and Upper Heyden to Woodhead Reservoir (8 miles).
Turn right on A628 (less than 1 mile).
Turn left onto B6105 to Glossop (6 miles).
Straight across A57 in Glossop to A624 thru Hayfield towards Chapel-en-le-Frith (8.5 miles).
Turn left under the railway bridge on A624 at jct with B6062, turn left under next railway bridge to Wash and Blackhall (approx. 2 miles).
Turn left onto A625 up Rushup Edge to Blue John Caverns (5 miles).
Turn right onto B6061 to Sparrowpit and lunch at the Wanted Inn (3 miles).

Afternoon Run

Leave Sparrowpit at 2.30pm for 85-mile south Peak District loop back to Hathersage.

Leave Sparrowpit heading North thru Stonyford and Slackhall, across A6 to jct with A624 and into Chapel-en-le-Frith and B5470 (3 miles).
Chapel to Horwich End on B5470 (4 miles).
Cross A5004 and continue on B5470 thru Kettleshulme to Tower Hill and Brookhouse (approx. 7 miles).
Turn left to jct with A537 (0.5 miles).
Turn left on A537 (Cat & Fiddle run) to jct with A54 and then with A53 at Canholes (8.5 miles).
Turn right on A53, then first left at The Terret thru Harpur Hill to Brierlow Bar and jct with B5053 (4 miles).
B5053 to Longnor (3.5 miles).
Longnor to Warslow (4 miles).
Warslow to Butterton Moor (3 miles).
Turn left to Grindon, continue over Manifold River at Weags Bridge and up Beeston Tor to Hopedale (approx. 5 miles).
Turn right to Stanshope and Ilam (approx. 3 miles).
Left in Ilam thru Thorpe to crossroads (pub), turn right to jct with A515 at Sandybrook Hall (approx. 4 miles).
Left on A515 to jct with B5056 (1 mile).
Turn right onto B5056 thru Longcliffe to Grangemill, jct with A5012 (7 miles).
Cross jct onto B5056 and on to jct with A6 (6 miles).
Turn right on A6 to Rowsley (1.5 miles).
Turn left on B6012 to Beeley (1.5 miles).
Turn right to Beeley Moor, past Beeley Plantation to Longside Moor to jct with A619 at Eastmoor (approx. 5 miles).
Cross A619, cross B6050 at Bleak House, cross A621 at Blake Brook, over Baslow/Curbar Edge into Curbar (approx. 5 miles).
Turn right at church in Curbar to jct with B6054 (1 mile).
Turn right on B6054 under Froggatt Edge to jct with B6055 (4 miles).
Turn left on B6055 past Robin Hood’s Well to the Fox Inn (1 mile).
Turn left on A625 to Hathersage (3 miles).
GPS File

For those of you so equipped, see the attached file for the morning run. This is a preliminary/draft file and there might be a very small number of minor modifications.


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And here is the afternoon run: same caveats apply.


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I look forward to it Jim . . .

Everybody else, we're meeting here

OS Grid reference for Outside Ltd (and Longlands Cafe, upstairs) is 423132E, 381538N.
me too

Gents, [whatever happened to gilly and the other girl that appeared afew months ago???]- anyway I digress,

got mi pass signed, shuffled the diary and will see whoevers coming [Paul W?, Gavin-i'm-off-travelling-Bell?, Les Wassal? etc] from about 10:30 then

ps as it's turning into a bit-of-a-do should I be mostly wearing all the waterproof kit that I can lay my hands on ?!!:D
Now now, I do it in the name of biking! Just a reccy mission!

Ok - I admit it - Im off travelling again, but only doing a reccy for the Peak District Forum rideout to Transylvania next year! Have a good run - see ya when Im back.
Gavin :drackula
I'll probably join you for the pm ride (after a nice bit of lunch in Sparrowpit). Casey and Bianca should be there aswell - last weekend before returning to OZ (bike's sold so on 4 wheels I'm afraid).

See you there.......
Don't forget . . . we're leaving prompt at 11.30 (not 10.30). Meeting 10.30am onwards for those who are travelling from afar and need to fuel up (Total petrol station in Hathersage and another just outside the village) and get a cup of tea!

See you all tomorrow (come rain or shine). I'll be there closer to 11am than 10.30.

My gimp back is causing me considerable pain at the moment and I have got some more powerfull pain killers but they are making me a bit dizzy so I won't be able to come, a pity, I was looking forward to it.
Still I have the route in the satnav and when I'm used to these new drugs I'll take the tour.
Sorry guys.
Hope you lads and lasses had a great afternoons ride.
Nice to see you all at The Wanted Inn.

Just to let you know I got home OK.

I only had to stop once. It's amazing how much fun it can be trying to hit every traffic light on green - how's about a GS competition? Maximum mileage without use of the clutch!

Til next time.....
Peaks Saturday rideout

Simon many thanks for a very enjoyable day great roads great company great food what more could you ask for,oh yes great weather as well it was my first ride out with the club and I,ll do it again, Trust everyone got home safe. Chris
Great roads, great weather, great folk and some great riders.

A few photos HERE if anyone has any to add email them to me and I'll add them
Jamie said:
Erm, sorry Paul, were you there? Shows how much attention I was paying.


I mean I'd have siad hello - don't take it the wrong way.

Satdy was a corker, even went through some fords, and got the closest I've ever been to off roading.

The Prof deserves a pat on the back and plenty more, I live there and never realised how vast the area is (probably cos I'm genetically a townie).

Will do that again, and try for some even further away day outs.

:D doesn't do it justice

I wuz in disguise… I wasn’t wearing the beaver :) I was on the Yellow/Silver GS11 with the Zega panniers… if it’s any consolation I didn’t see you either.. I’m sure I would of spotted a duck smoking a cigar :D:D
Thanks must go to Simon and Lisa,for organising the superb Saturday rideout and arranging fabulous weather.
We arrived home with Andy and Sue @ 7.15pm,after a great day's riding, practically 12 hours in the saddle and 310 miles later.
Gluttons for punishment ............
Today - Andy and myself escaped Mothering Sunday by taking our Honda and KTM trail bikes out in the Yorkshire Dales, covering a further 160 miles - mainly off - road.
Had some fun with the 'crotch rocket 'pilots - carving some very suprised punters up, on the bends on my humble XR250 - shod with Moto-X knobblies - the guy on a RSVR Mille turned off in disgust.
It 's not what you ride - it's how you ride it ..........that sums it up.
Tired,sore ............ but very satisfied.
The 1st big biking weekend of the year for us both - nearly a 500 miler......!!!!!
2003 - bring it on ...........!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for turning out in such splendid numbers folks. I was expecting about 6 GSs leaving Hathersage, not 17 (three of them two-up). Great to see Mark and missus at the Wanted Inn waiting for us and PaulW on his 650 Dakar minus clutch cable (glad you made it home OK).

Sorry for the one or two cock-ups. I didn't intend to take us through Macclesfield at all, but my GPS is in it's learning phase and needs to smarten up. Also, sorry we all drifted apart before the end - just Terry Ryan, Chris (Beacon) , Lisa and myself made it back to Hathersage via a slightly shortened route up the B6001 from Bakewell instead of going over Curbar and Froggat.

Lisa and I had a great day Sunday in the sunshine; up over Beeley Moor (one of my favourite routes in the Peaks - very quiet compared to elsewhere) and on unclassified roads around Stanton-in-Peak and Birchover; tea at the cyclists cafe in Elton; and a superb blast back to Derby.

Why oh why do all the bikes struggle up and down the gridlocked A6? Try this if you're travelling south to Derby from Bakewell and want to avoid the A6 - guaranteed heaven:

A6 past Haddon Hall, turn right onto B5056
Stay on B5056 south to junction with A5012 at Grangemill
Turn left (East) for a few miles before taking right turn then immediate left up the hill - to MIddleton and Wirksworth
Stay on B5023 all the way to rejoin A6 at Duffield

Happy biking!

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