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Feb 27, 2002
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As I've asked for this Forum I'd better use it!

If anyone in the South Manchester/Peak District area (or even from further afield) fancies some trail riding one weekend please let me know.

The trails I ride range from "easy peasy" to "s**t I'll never do that". We'll just do the ones suitable for the bikes and experience of the rider.
There are plenty of trails that a complete off road novice on an 1150 should be able to do.

I'm free to go riding most weekends.

You won't get any tuition like the BMW Off Road course, but then in true GSClubUK fashion, these rides cost nowt !


Paul W
I'm from that area myself (Stockport actually), and used to ride over Hayfield to Castleton and further down at the Peak Forest. I've still got my marked up maps somewhere but most of it I would never tackle on A big twin. Great fun though.

Does anyone have any GPS routes for offroad, this would be great.

HAve fun.

the trail you mention is called Royche Clough. It is possible on the air cooled twins, but I'm after a brave soul to try it out on an oilhead. It's down for "road improvements" in the very near future, so if you fancy riding it again - hurry up.

I remember breaking my shoulder on one of Derbyshires finest drystone walls on Royche Clough. I was on my own, (stupid I know), and got incredibly angry with the flock of sheep that conregated to watch me try and start my flooded XT350. Its amazing how fast you can run in Sidi Moto-X boots with a limp arm hanging by your side........:mad:

have fun
Andy T
I'd give it a go, haven't been off road yet so would need some running in so to speak.
I'm with Jimb, never been off road, but itching to try it...trouble is I'm a scaredy cat!
Saturday 5th October

Short notice. Sorry.
Trail ride this Saturday. Casey and myself so far. No planned route so can accommodate any bikes/experience.
All welcome.
i wish...

can't make it all the way up there from devon.
never mind, i'm competing in a sidecar in the 'clouds' trial on exmoor next weekend :D only low point is, it's not a bmw. still, should be fun

...and by the way, are there any photos from the muddy princetown rideout anywhere?
5 oct trails

hi paul I'm interested, when and where are you meeting

sorry I didn't get your message til this morning (pc at work only). You missed a wet but fun mornings ride on trails that were mostly oilhead friendly. A steep washed away climb that had defeated a Kwak 250 needed lots of right wrist and eyes closed shut! and the only other problem we had was negotiating our way passed a couple of cantankerous old ramblers.

Catch you next time……….
no probs Paul I had bad guts anyway so wouldn't have come anyway. how about you and casey and co coming to tong with some of the rest of us on 2nd of nov for a play , see the leeds off road thread for more details.:beerjug: :shoot:

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