Picked up adv o2 today . LUVIN IT


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Feb 4, 2003
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OLD Windsor England
P X my monkey sick yellow 1100 gs today. i liked it......

For a 02 adv. spec as follows. black.yuk yellow/orange seat.
f in huge tank remus y piece and chipped. set of ali panniers.
sound great goes great and i love it Iwas not to happy weavin up the m25 with those bloody great boxes on. Lookin for a top box not too big just to keep me odds and sods in for work. How can u clean the seat its well shabby used all sorts cant get it clean
Just moved from VINES COZ Derek has gone and the service has gone with him. Tim at SPC sod me the bike and he gave me god service and a great deal. Hope it contiues.

I use Flash All-purpose cleaner to clean the yellow seat on my Adv. - it seems to work a treat.


Re: Re: Picked up adv o2 today . LUVIN IT

Paragon said:
Presumably you know that you can use one of the Ali side panniers as a top box

Agree about SPC - great place to meet up as well



Assuming they're BMW ones............

You'll need to buy the top box mounting kit for it though.
Thanks for info.

Tim at spc told me u could use side can as top box but it tends to wag ur arse around a bit and £95 i think for top box rack ?
Looking for somthing smaller with a bit of style to compliment the beast. Thanks for seat cleaning info.,sugar ray.
God me remus/ got me y piece/ got me chip now all i need is me spot lights and a rear bin,and some time to go for a ride..
interested in any ride outs in my neck of the wood weekdays or other.

thanks for the message daryl. oops i did it again.
Re: Thanks for info.

Murray said:

God me remus/ got me y piece/ got me chip now all i need is me spot lights and a rear bin,

And don't forget a indicator cancelling device from nippy norman, you know you need one!
dont need one.

all i need is u in front or behind politely gesturing when i forget . i am sure i will get the hang of it soon. the system on the adv is alot better and more positive than the 1100.


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