Pink Way Region 6 - Aberystwth to Liverpool


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Oct 21, 2004
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Wes' Lundernshire
Region 6 - Aberystwth to Liverpool

Please reply in this thread your entry or nomination for a regional role

Regional Team
POT leader
POT Leader - Assistant 1
POT Leader - Assistant 1

Charity Coordinator
Time Recording Coordinator -Team leader
Time Recording Coordinator - Assistant
Publicity Coordinator

Baton rider
GS Girl

Baton Support team
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GS Boyz 2
GS Boyz 3
Lucy said:
Me please.

After doing the John 'O' Groats to Lands End in 24 hours in 2004 this one should be easy.


hi lucy
i could be the one to pass the baton on to you
that would be great

maria x :D
I would like to volunteer whatever time I can spare, especially if it involves riding the bike!
I can be one of the baton boyz :confused:

Or a leader if needed

Backing out

Sorry everyone but I can't help now that the dates have been moved :tears :tears :tears :tears :tears

I'd like to wish everyone all the best for a great event and a worthy cause :thumb
hi lucy i can be one of the baton boyz i'm self employed so no problem with time off kap
:bounce1 :bounce1

A fellow forum user has listed this event in the F650 forum, I'm local to "Route 6" and would like to take part . . . unless this one is only for "bum-wobbling" twins . . . lol

Please feel free to contact me . . . who-ever?


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