Plastic hinges on GSA panniers

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Mar 16, 2004
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This may have been covered before but has anyone had problems with the pannier lid hinges breaking on GSA alu luggage.I have fitted straps to prevent this but you would think metal hinges would be more durable.I also lost a top box last year and modified the new one with a safety strap to the grabrail using the hoops off the old mangled box.Anyone else had these problems?
Lost a pair last week. And they promised me wires!

No wind, no wobble. Lid just gracefully slid from off of the detent and somersaulted gracefully to the ground. The hinge broke almost silently. Dreamt for a moment it was going to slo-mo rewind back into it's unbroken natural position.

Warranty fixable, but it's all a bit of a shame. I'd actually phoned up B*W about them sending out the retro fix wire kit a month after delivery last year. They agreed it was a standard warranty retrofix but were reluctant to call it a "recall". Said they would sought it out pronto...which they seem to have dawdled over. Funny that or what?

There's also a bit of a funny question about the new extra inside clamp on the GSA aluminium side panniers. It appeared some time early this year on new delivery items but they havn't issued a recall to fit these either.

I'd have thought it was a safety issue if they've had to upgrade the fixation to stop panniers falling off all over the place and obstructing the Queen's highway. Anybody with the info on this?
" Bike " magazine tested a GSA a couple of months ago, and they had exactly the same problem with a, or possibly two, pannier hinges. Clearly a design fault, and should be sorted under warranty. It is surely a safety issue, and " they " should issue a recall. Over to you B*W.........
GSA hinges

My 03 GSA is a german import so although the bike is well warranteed in the UK the panniers are an extra and had to cough up the cash.The top box fell off seemingly by its self near Edinburgh on the A1 doing 70ish near the crosswind sign at Musselburgh services.Man I was mad but not so mad as the car behind me!Still look out for the rest of my stuff when passing a year later .Anyone want a slightly scuffed (ahem)top box?
I have a RHS as a top box and it came (in March) with inside retaining wire strap and additional knurled knob securing bit which secures the box, from the inside, to the bar on the rear rack.

No problems. Brill
Right then! So we're agreed: A,B,C, D or E?

A. Anybody with aluminium panniers should have been offered a warranty fix on the absent restraining wires.

B. Anybody with aluminium panniers should have been offered a warranty fix to upgrade with the proper knurled knob internal clamp fixer.

C. Both of the above

D. Both of the above and it should be made an official recall.

E. I'm all right Jack, "caveat emptor" and every man for hisself.

(Should have run this as a poll, maybe?)
GSA panniers again

Thanks didnt know the panniers had been upgraded so I will check this out at my local dealer! Any thoughts on metal hinges though?The moral of this story is dont buy a bike in Germany and save two grand cos theres a thirteen month waiting list for a GSA at my local dealer a hundred miles away! I now have a new local dealer seventy miles away very helpfull though.
Had the same problem my self dirving down the road left panner came summer saulting off sanwiches all over the road hinges broken latch damaged calld B*W for replacement hinges £34 for a set of hinges a bit steep for two plastic hinges i have seen a set of stainless steel hinges used by van body buiders trying to source them i'll let you now how i get on
P S i'd be interested in your top box for spares chris

Went to pack a few "essentials " into my GSA topbox this morning,there was a bit of "resistance" opening the lid followed by a "crack" I've got a busted hinge too!
Going to dig out the receipt and call at my dealers tomorrow,will let you all know how it goes:rolleyes:
contacted wollastons re restraining wires and security nut for panniers, reply was that they would not retro fit as standard however if I was willing to purchase, the wires are £4.22 +vat each and the securing nuts are £16 + vat each, parts no,s are 71607688305 and 71607677976 respectively, all things considered not the reply I was expecting,their attitude was hinge breakages and falling off panniers were down to customer negligence!!!!!! I therefore contacted bmw customer services !!!! direct and asked if they would supply said parts free of charge as there is obviously a design fault/problem, reply again was as it is not a safety issue a recall would not be issued and best option would be to contact local dealer and see if they would submit paperwork on my behalf requesting bits at reduced/nil cost.
update so far is that i have contaced adrian (parts dept) at baldersons and they are going to check with bmw and call back ? a pretty poor response from wollastons and bmw direct considering the cost of these panniers and fittings.hopefully adrian will sort things out
Shady change of policy from 2003 by B*W

B*W were fitting restraining wires from UK Adv deliveries in June 2003 and onwards. The UK BMW office were definitely promising retrofixes on these wires FOC to callers through to late 2003. They somehow declined to make it a formal recall though. I told them that that seemed a little irregular and dodgy.

I'd take issue with it being a safety issue too. These hinges are now breaking regularly all over the country in the hands of careful enough owners. If doors or bonnets were falling off cars and owners were having to tie them on with string to get them home then there would soon be a safety campaign underway.

Sounds like a ukGS'er ginger group is called for here....also on behalf of the upgraded internal extra knurled clamps which are undoubtedly a safety issue.
Push them! I have had cables supplied by Jefferies with no questions asked - they had told me that BMW were sorting out retrofits as a 'goodwill' exercise. Not as a safety recall. If you bought panniers with bike - they are covered under the full warrenty.

Contacted Woolastons yesterday and they said they would supply the retaning wires FOC but I turned them down as my panniers had them fitted from new (Sept 03 bike).

Asked about the retaining nut and they said this was not currently supplied under warrenty but if I checked with them in a couple of weeks time they would see if it had appeared on the list for warrenty supplied items.
It's amazing. We took the GSA aluminium panniers (pre wires and extra clamps) on a world record. Carried well over the recommended weight in them all. They have been used for 38k miles on some pretty crap bumpy roads. When the hinges were a bit stiff, we cleaned and WD40'd them.

One has a little leakage now in heavy rain and the locking mechanism seems a little weakened, but still functions.

They'll be at the BMF show on the BMW stand next week if you want to take a look. Maybe we got the exception . . . . . .
More broken hinges.

Well I have joined the ranks of bits of expensive broken plastic hinges! Adv 2002 ali boxes, did some research the hinges are made by Southco in USA Part Nos.C6-3.
There are 3 hinges in there range because of different torque settings I went for the weakest C6-1 so as not to force them.
Found a uk supplier in Bucks called Zygology Ltd.


They had two in stock, I collected them at £15.39 (cheaper than B*W)

I,m interesteed in the wire staps & retaining knob anyone got some pics?

Made some webbing one's not knowing it was a common problem.
Just ordered my GS Adv and had them get some new ali panniers out of the box so I could check whether they had the new bits or not. I can confirm that they had both the metal retaining wire and some assorted bolts and knurled knobs for bolting the pannier to the frame from the inside through a grommoted hole.
Anybody need some replacement hinges?

I got a quote from BMW for replacement topbox hinges for my 1150 Adventure at £22 each:eek:eek:eek

Checked with Zygology Uk and can get them for about £9-50 each inc postage if I order a minimum of 10 (5 sets).

Anyone interested?
The hinges are cr*p and expensive. The securing latch on the topbox is similarly so. Mine launched itself off the back like a bomb when I went through a particularly big 'yomp' somewhere far away. It's only secured by a few thin rivets anyway. Broke one of the hinges on landing in the road. A week later the top latch broke too - the pissy little allow over centre arm bits just snapped - the box wasn't stuffed with stuff either. I'm going to try and fix the latch with some bolts instead of rivets, get some strong f-off hinges and a simple padlockable latch. Probably all cost less than a single BMW hinge.

I started this thread on 8th May 2004 and it's been resurrected after nearly seven years.....!

I really miss my R1150GSA, I sold it in 2007 and still see it in Berwick-Upon-Tweed. It's used most days and has starship mileage on it, still got the same panniers on it aswell!


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