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David Price

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Nov 24, 2002
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I'm thinking of taking a trip to Poland for 7 days in August, via Calais.

Has anyone done this trip. Any advice that you can give would be greatly appreciated.

I will be travelling alone on the GS and my only Continental experience to date is a few trips to Le Mans.

Some guy wrote an article on a trip to Poland a few months ago in Motorcycle, Sport & Leisure mag, said it was great, roads a bit iffy but generally had a good time. I've chucked the mag, but you could contact them for a back issue.

Ask for Liz Smith, 01353 616112
I posted a message a few days back . I'm off to Poland myself leaving for Calais from Dover on 27/7 and am due to return 14/8 - I'm travelling solo but would welcome some company - could arrange to meet up on the continent - I'm taking a tent and also will be looking for cheap lodging - if your interested e-mail me on alanbonney@hotmail.com

Alan Bonney
Stunning Poland

Haven't been foir a few years - but good choice. Recommend Kracow and The Tatra's (czech side actually best). Cabins on campsites are cheap - especially if sharing. Dodgey on busy roads with conflicts of old and new vehicles. Don't try to outdrink a pole on Vodka ! You'll thoroughly enjoy the trip - Tatra's the best bit (but no mountain roads - have to walk to get into them)
I agree that Krakow is worth a visit. Whilst you're there also visit Auchwitz and Birkenau.

Take a detailed map.

Check out if Visa/Mastercard are acceptable. It's 10 years since I went, but credit/debit cards were just about useless then.

Take a wodge of Euro notes (small denominations) and keep them in small bundles around your bike/person.

When on the German Autobahns, USE YOUR MIRRORS!

In August, campsites and hotels are pretty busy (the Tatra mountains are a German playground).

Enjoy your trip.


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