Portsmouth-Banjul trip report.

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Apr 26, 2003
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Well I'd better get started on it I suppose.

This might take some time to finish, but unlike a certain other report on a certain other site, this one WILL be finished, honest guv.

I'd better start by introducing the protagonists;

As everyone here knows, (apart from Bert, until earlier tonight anyway ;) ) Team UKGSer entered a three man team into this year's Plymouth-Banjul trip.

We knew from the start that our landy was going to be slow in comparison with other vehicles, so we decided three drivers would mean we could drive longer and play catch up, which is exactly as it turned out.

The three from UKGSer were Graham (Slimbo), Myself and Tony Williams, a relative newcomer to the forum but a welcome addition to the team.

I'll also be talking about two other guys who became very much part of our whole trip, Darren Ready (Daz) and that man from the telly, Clive Bradley.

Daz and Clive were in Meg, a 1964 Landy ambulance, and we met them initially in the car park at Portsmouth where they enjoyed a Bakerman piggy roll with us all before we all set off properly.

After the ferry crossing, we went our seperate ways for a day or three until we bumped into them again on the coast road near Malaga, from whereon we stuck together, but more on that in a bit.


From top to bottom, Clive (that man from the Telly!), Me, Tony, Graham and Daz, all grinning like twits on our second day in the desert.
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