Prestige disappoints.... Astle Grimsby delivers


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Dec 5, 2004
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Having bought two bikes from them and they did well out of me as I spent a great deal in parts, servicing and clothing over 3 years, I tried this late summer to buy a demo R1200GS... to no avail :confused:
Spoke to them even went there with cash available, no quibles, was promised call backs each time and ...nothing. Not quite the best customer retention technique...

So I eventually found a listening ear at Astle Grimsby.
They were most helpful and I bought a new one from them, wire wheels, GPS mount ready and they even loaned me a low saddle as mine had not arrived.

Astle carried out the first service and even washed my bike for me. Service indeed, 10 out of 10 Gentlemen.:clap

What a pity I have to go to Grimsby though!

Now you see that's not fair on Prestige. You couldn't just walk in and buy the demo bike late summer because I was booked in to take it out with my wife - so they couldn't sell it to you, you see - in fact I dont think any dealer will sell you their demo, certainly not a GS. So dont slag off a dealer just cos you cant get their demo bike.

Play the game, try the demo, order the bike new and pick it up 6 weeks later ! I did - problem solved..

Nice one Prestige - dont give in to the demo-nickers.....

You know who...
54 GS and luvvin' it !
Have to agree with Starman seeing as I had the demo bike for a full 24 hours from Prestige - you can't expect them to sell it when they need it for people like us to try it out...Prestige have been more than reasonable with me- this is my second bike this year from them and I also try to buy most of my helmets, accessories from them too - great service overall.
What you didn't know was....

There is no 'slagging' but factual. This was at the tail end of summer.
What you don't know is that I had been told directly by Prestige that it would be possible and that I would receive a call back.....I waited...and wasted time. I never heard from them again.
Standards differ, obviously but having been a good customer of theirs, let's just say I had some reasonable expectations.
Never mind-
My first bike from Prestige was a year old Demo F650.

'Praps you're just being impatient.......if they don't flog their demos until they have a year on them, you won't be getting a call until next March ;)
A few years ago I wandered into Prestige and fancied a test ride. They were very happy to let me take out a couple of bikes, no problem.
There are not many dealers, especially a few years ago that would let you take out their bikes.
I never forgot that kind sevice and when I wanted a BM, July this year, thats where I went.
There are a few japanese dealers that I have bought from in the past who are equally as good:
Chambers of Rochester (Honda) for a start.
Harley Davidson anyone?
Stadium, Chinford, right by the Dog track on the North Circ.

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