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Well - GS day approaches very soon and I've been in email contact with Vines telling them I want a quote to put R1150R bars on the used GS I bought from them before I pick it up.

I suggested they talk to Woollastons (who supplied Cecil the cat's new GS with R bars on it) and they did and Woollastons said there were no major hassles.

And then they said they spoke to BMW to "clarify" the issue regarding product liability and are awaiting the answer. What's the betting BMW say "don't touch" ?

I replied saying I looked forward to a positive outcome and that I didn't regard this as any different to putting a MOMO steering wheel into a 3 series.

I hope they say Yes, but something tells me they won't play ball.

I suppose they may ask me to sign some sort of waiver......

anyone else been here ?



I'm having a sense of deja-vu over this, hasn't someone had problems with getting a dealer to do this already?

I'd imagine that you'd run into problems with product liability from BMW. If you buy an aftermarket product (end can, seat, spotlights) and they cause a problem, then the supplier or manufacturer carries the can (sorry;)) for product liability. Whereas BMW will be prepard to do this for an approved accessory (large tank, BMW Foglights, low seat), they may not be for fitting an item not designed for use with your bike, ie 1150R handlebars.
If, for example, you had a prang and said that the lack of leverage on the 'R' bars was a factor, the dealer would be liable for having fitted them, and BMW might be liable if they'd said that fitting them was OK. Since manufacturers and designers have to go through a lot of 'hoop-jumping' to get products approved for use, I think it's unlikely that BMW will approve of their dealer fitting the bars, although they'd probably be quite happy to fit Ricardo's, for example, as the liability would then transfer to him. Similarly, if you bought the parts & then fitted them yourself, you'd automatically accept responsibility for any untoward outcome (because the dealer could, quite rightly, say that the bars weren't designed for use with your bike)..... Does that make sense?

Mike O,

I agree with everything you say:(

But isn't it a sad situation when all we can think of are the consequences of our actions in relation to litigation:mad:

Basically.......Job's Fekked !!:(



If you want to have a go on mine to feel what they are like, before you get yours done then let me know and I can arrange to meet up.
It may also be worth looking at the Pro Taper conversion as the costs are in the same ball park, but with the pro tapers you get a decent quality bars rather than the mild steel BMW ones and you get those luvvverly looking mountings that Ricky makes.

Don't get me wrong the R1150R bars feel great its just you know that the BMW bars are not exactly value for money compared with the pro taper conversion.

Well, I had a reply back from Vines, and, as predicted, they said that BMW were "not happy" because of product liability etc.

However, amazingly, they said they would do it anyway if I signed a waiver. BMW dealer in enlightened moment of thought shocker.

Am currently considering whether to do this or go for the pro-tapers as Mike suggested.

decisions, decisions....


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