Progressive Springs

Jim McSharry

Michael at Allan Jefferies, Shipley has asked me to test these for him and give an impression.
The 'bike:
1150 - registered July '01 - now has 18,600 on the clock.
I fit Ohlins to the rear at the same time as a pair of the Conti's (about 3mths ago now) and am finding the Ohlins to be a great asset to the comfort and handling of the 'bike - not sure if they're performing at 100% with the knobblies but aren't too worried about that.
I replaced the rear shock as I felt the original had got 'tired' at 18k - rear wheel felt like it 'twisted' over bends on bumps and then it would occasionally 'bottom' especially with wifey and luggage on board.
Anyway, Jefferies will be removing the Ohlins and re-fitting the old shock with new spring. The front shock is still original - this will be taken off and also have its spring replaced.
Pick it up tomorrow afternoon and the 'test' begins!
Day 1:

Collected the 'bike this morning - just had a service (which it desperately needed).

Piccies attached of the front/rear springs (Shame about the colour but never mind - that's how they come!)

These are 'Hyper Pro' from by Rinner Ground Control, Holland. (Seems the Dutch can't get enough of them - any knowledge here Geert?)

Settings currently as shown on the picture - front is set next to the top which has 'lifted' the front end of the bike about 2" - this feels much better than before already! Rear is set to mid-range - will be playing about with this with wife/luggage over the next few days. I always ride with the saddle height at its highest point - maybe slightly higher now.

First impressions - these are very good - the front feels firm which is to my liking, rear needs some time yet.

Watch this space!
What about the rest?

Hi Jim.

Has the Shock itself been serviced as well or is it as was before the new springs were fitted?


50 miles on it today on B roads - plenty of twisties.
The front end has really impressed me - already mentioned the steering seems higher - am finding this is giving extra confidence in handling. Steering is also firmer and very responsive. Rear - getting used to it but haven't adjusted it yet - no doubt it will be tried out over the weekend. Already thinking of options when test comes to a close - keep the front one on and revert to the Ohlins on the rear.
Hi Celt - good questions!
I think they're going to come fit at about £250.00 or somewhere around the £130.00 mark to do yourself.
If you want to know more ring Michael at Jefferies on 01274 776077.
I may be missing something here, but what's the point of fitting new springs to tired dampers? The lack of damping has more of an adverse effect on handling than slack springs, IMHO.

Celt - done a few more miles today - rear still set 'as was' but will be wound up tomorrow.
Mike - good question but not sure really, not that much of a technician! I must say though that there is a remarkable difference. Could it be that the things weren't 'tired' at 18K as first thought or should they be tired with that mileage? I think I'll ask one of the gang to take it for a blast and see what they think.
Well, took 'er indoors out yesterday with pre-load set mid -way. Not happy as we both bounced our way around the Dales! Wound it up to three quarters and found it was almost as good as the Ohlins - positive, responsive and plenty of grip.
Wound it right up later on to find it too hard which didn't make for good riding.
I must say, I am very happy with these - plenty of confidence but beginning to freighten me a bit - tried some heavy braking before a late right turn - chewed it up :)
I think a good understanding of what they actually do for you is a must and then you begin to experiment a bit more than normal. I think the write-up bears some truth - there seems to be more rubber to tarmac ALL the time.
The front end is definately 'higher' which leaves you wandering if it's gonna fall over when on the side stand.
Thoughts so far: If I didn't have Ohlins on already I would have seriously considered these as another great alternative.
The front end is definately 'higher' which leaves you wandering if it's gonna fall over when on the side stand.

Verholen makes a 2cm block to put under the sidestand; it works!

As for the Hyperpro-springs, they are quite a hit here in the Dutch GS Club; a cheaper alternative to WP, Ohlins or Technoflex, in case you have good dampers; otherwise it won't do much good.
Last year Bert Duursma, a GS fanatic BMW-delaer in the Netherlands, and sponsor of the Dutch GS Club orgsanised a
Hyperpro-day wjhere a lot of GS-ers have tried the springs.
Feel free to post your questions about them on the Dutch GS Forum; most ppl over there can read and write some English..
If you increase the front ride hieght I would be careful on high speed sweepers as by taking wieght off the front you are unloading the tyre i.e. less stability and less feel IMHO.
Can you post the P/N for rhe springs for both the rear and front shock of the gs1150.
On their web site when i choose the combo they show rear shock and the fork spring instead of the front shock ring ..

thank you
Can you post the P/N

Sorry fcaeiro - might be late at night and a few too many beers - can you clarify what you want please?

me too ( the beers)

On their web site (hyperpro )
When i choose the bmw gs1150 they show this 3 options
R1150 GS COMBIKIT 2 MONO SPRINGS 1999 and further SP-BM11-SSL007 C
R1150 GS COMBIKIT 2 MONO SPRINGS 1999 and further SP-BM11-SSN007 F
R1150 GS COMBIKIT 2 MONO SPRINGS 1999 and further SP-BM11-SSB007 S

Which of them do i need to put on springs on both rear and front shock...

Not on the forks..

thank you
personally - i'd rather have the stock springs fitted to hyper-pro dampers.

its the damping that controls the wheels, the springs just suspend the bike.

springs can be pre-loaded / unloaded.

damper units get tired more quickly than springs.

best to get a matched spring/damper set anyway really.

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