My reasonably old foot pump (Halfords, I think) has given up the ghost (the valve won't seal any more).
So I'm looking for recommendations for two things:
1. a new foot pump.
2. a compressor I can run from the bike's socket.

I'd like both to have a pressure gauge I can trust.

Has anyone had any good/bad experiences with these things?

I have an Airman pump I got from Argos some years ago and have used it effectively with no problams on bike & car its also Nicad battery powerd and is quite a neat package that fits in the pannier, when the Nicads are exhausted it can be run from the 12 v supply of the car or bike then recharged from the mains when available.

I did see one in a paper somewhere that was really slim and flat , just ran from the vehicle power supply and was digital with a preset pressure guage, but can't remember where I saw it.

No recommendations, but in my experience the gauges are usually very innaccurate. Get yourself one of the mini digital gauges from Halfords at £4.99 to supplement whatever pump you buy.

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