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I was recommended to use this semi synthetic oil by my dealer (bikes done 16,000 miles)

I've found a local stockist (a go-karting centre!) that will do 4 litres for £15.00.

Is this a good price, or is there an equivalent I could use?
Sounds about right. I've used DX4 for my intermediate oil changes at 9k, 15k and just about to do the 21k.

Plenty of other semi-synth oils about though and a lot of people recommend Castrol and others from Halfords especially when they have a sale or promotion on.

As long as it's the right spec there won't be a problem.


There is a dealer over at Long Eaton, they could be a Honda dealership, who have a sister shop in Newcastle (The Bike Shop) above D & K, they are both stockists of Putoline and its only about £11 a can.
The oil is top stuff, did some research into this oil when I ran Gileras, as they are touchy on there oils, but it does have a lot of properties for slip, (wet starter etc), as we don't need this I just stick to a cheaper mineral oil and change it regular.
But if you want to go semi-synthetic I think this one is the best one about.:D

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