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Oct 23, 2003
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Cork, Ireland
I use DVD shrink to make back-up (ahem) copies of my DVDs.
It is a simple tool to use but one thing confuses me.

In normal operation, when you 'backup' the disc to be compressed, (I also save it to my hard drive), the program does its thing for about 40 mins and then automatically looks for the traget (blank DVD) to write to. It writes straight away with no problems.
However, considering I have the compressed files on my hard drive I cannot make subsequent copies without having to go through the whole routine of backing up (another 40 mins wasted).

Is there a simple way to just execute the burn process direct from the saved files on the hard drive ?.

I have Nero 6 installed also but this takes ages too - it wants to go through the usual decryption/compressing process also.

Any ideas ?


Steve said:
Are they in the standard .ifo, .vob, .sub etc. format?

Grab these files and any burning software should be capable. Nero definately does it, without another load of processing.

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