R 100 GS Front Brake

John Lang

My 1991 R100GS already has a PFM cast disk and Goodridge brake hose but the front brake is dissapointing. What's the most cost-effective way to improve it ?
Any ideas appreciated.
Hi John,
Had exactly the same feelings myself with my '91 R80GS. Did the same as you with a Goodridge hose first, then a PFM full floater from Motorworks (£112+VAT) but recently found out about using a K1100RS caliper. This is a 4 pot caliper and Steve @ Motobins has all the info. The cost was £70 for a S/H caliper and this included the necessary machining to line up with the GS fork offset. Together with AP sintered pads, this now means that I can smoke the front tyre in the dry if used in anger. Definitely a recommended modification so call Motobins, ask for Steve and mention my name (Paul Young - Preston). He'll be well chuffed.

'00 R1150GS - "Paddy"
Hello John: I did the same. Motobins, 4 pots calipers, better pads, and presto! the thing is suddenly stopping.
And don't forget to replace the rubber hose with a proper brided one. When you order the brided pipe, order as well a short one for the bit between the caliper and the joint at the fork. The new caliper will be installed upside down so you'll need to remove it to replace the pads.

Best luck, Yosi
Kindly previous owner put a nice Billet 6 pot on mine, probably over the top but stop it does!

Tony H
The Man who doesn't need to drop his petrol tank
on the garage floor.Ouch!

I've got a 4-pot caliper going begging if anyone wants to throw a few quid my way before I put it on ebay?

Cutting my own throat... £25 plus postage sound ok? It's just gathering dust and If it's of use to you I'd rather pass it on to someone here than on ebay. It'll need new pads though.

Can email picture if you like but haven't the technology to post pics.



Had a look at the caliper last night, looks ok, the seals should be fine but it could use a clean and pads.

You can use my email at hotmail.com, send to "seankkelly..."

I'm just having a big tidy up in the garage and trying to work out what to keep, what to throw away and what might be of use to anyone else. BM GS stuff: I did find a rusty centre stand that I bought from motorworks (which would probably clean up / paint ok) and a voltmeter in its "pod".

Can't believe how much stuff is left over from the current work-in-progress either.... It's going to be lovely when it's finished... 1964 T120 Bonneville with engine by Hugh Brown of The Bike Shed....


I did find a rusty centre stand that I bought from motorworks (which would probably clean up / paint ok) and a voltmeter in its "pod".

Centre stand's are available from Motobins for about £25 brand new so probably best to keep hold of that.

A working voltmeter and pod will get easily over £100 if it's in good condition, IMO. Certainly would in Germany :(

BTW I have a BNWT centre stand and working voltmeter :)

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