R100GS oil Cooler

Tony Hawkins

The oil cooler on the R100GS seems to be a bit of an after thought,after all the R80gs never had one and look at the places this bike has been. My oil cooler is currently off the bike and I have a touratech bypass tube attached. I am not planning to visit the Sahara this year ..do I need to worry??
Hi Tony,
I have a GS100 Basic which comes without an oil cooler. I took it to Australia last year and rode around the Outback where it was pretty hot, and often in low gear because of the state of the dirt roads. I had no problems with over heating. My advice would be to leave it off.
Thanks Richard,I have had differing views on this ,I suspect it was a bit of 'over' engineering on BMW's part, Without the cooler/bars it is much easier to change the oil on a regular basis. I suspect that modern oils would cover any percieved extra cooling requirement.

Tony H
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