r1150 rockster.


i must say im thinking of selling or choppin the gs in for an r1150rockster i had a blast on one and is a hoofin tool,gonna have another test ride just to make sure tho.anyone tried the r1150rockster.

I've got its little brother the R850R for one day today as a loaner while my 1150GS is serviced. I've also test ridden the R1150R before. Top tools both!! If all I did was sunday ride-outs, I would seriously consider one. I'm not sure about the rockster's looks tho', so I'd probably go for the "standard" 1150R if there is still such a thing....
The only mods would be a Y-piece / end can and a footpeg lowering kit.
i have to say, if it were me looking to change from the gs to a more 'urban warrior' type tourer, i wouldn't consider BM. i'd be looking in the direction of aprilia, ducati.....


Bakerlonglegs, whats this "If all I did was sunday ride-outs" I use my 1150R everyday of the week, for work and pleasure, it is definitely not a sunday only bike, its a great bike, .... and yes you can still buy the 1150R



A bit of explanation needed, my fault! My comment about "sunday ride-outs" is in reference to my height - at 6'5" (hence the BLL tag) I'd find the R just a bit too low for every day riding or a long tour, hence the GS...
In all other respects it's a top bike and I'd recommend it to anyone! :D :D

I didnt like it too much, it felt..................ordinary
Just test rode a Rockster on the recommendation of my brother who bought one. He has owned a GS and an 1100S and he rates the Rockster higher than both. He also lives in Italy and rode it from the UK to his home in Milan and can't praise it enough.

My impressions is that it is a great bike. I rented an 1150R a couple of years back and although it is based on that, its a lot different feel. Suspension is sportier and the lower bars make a lot of difference. It looks better too :) My ride was too short to be conclusive but I was impressed.

No problem, I wish I was your height, wanted a GS myself but was not happy about not haveing feet firmly on the ground when stationary, if there was no need to stop would have been great....LOL


Were you on the ride out on Saturday with yellow R1150R ? there was one on the rideout to Newbury / Wantage etc. which looked cool. Sorry didn't get chance to speak.

I think the std R1150R looks a lot more attractive than the Rockster, which I think is trying a bit too hard to be a Ducati Monster.

I had an R1100R before the GS, but being 6ft 1 find the GS more suited to my size. I like the yellow/black finish on the R1150R - looks cool - reminds me of a Yamaha RD250 I had many years ago.

I must get a test ride on the 1150R.


Philip (6X)

test rode the r1150rockster at motoradd central in glasgow.must say its a good bike but to much buffeting for me and my hands were going numb.il stick with the old faithful gs.l
Philip 6x


Were you on the ride out on Saturday with yellow R1150R ? there was one on the rideout to Newbury / Wantage etc. which looked cool. Sorry didn't get chance to speak.

Yes that was me, and a very enjoyable ride it was as well, must say I agree with you on the looks of the R1150R, will try and be at your next meet, wont be till August as I am away for 3 weeks on a network upgrade, live in Andover so not far from you, if you let me know when and if there is a meet in August I will try and make it.

Dont get cold hands on the R1150R, have fitted GS hand guards, am now looking for a screen saw one fitted to a R1150R at Beaulieu, but was not able to find out who manufactured it, at the moment have a fly screen fitted, which helps a bit with wind defelction, but if your not happy best to stick with what you like.


Test rode the 1150R against the GS and guess wot ?? I bought the 1150R I found to much buffetting from the screen and on the motorway the GS felt loose?

The 1150 felt tight and had the grin factor that was missing fromthe GS, So I suprised myself and bought the 1150 it has the NICE Remus sound and I can't get off the thing, even the missus preferred the 1150R to the GS

I do not get any buffetting even with that little screen.

does that mean thats it for me and the GS club??

Now the 100GS has gone.
I tested both the 'GS and Rockster before buying the 'GS.

I liked the Rockster, but my other 'arf found it vibey on the back.

Looking back I'm glad I bought a 'GS. I think I wanted the Rockster because it was more like a sports bike. But I can still stay with mates on sports bikes most of the time on the 'GS, and then I could always buy a set of road wheels if I really need to (don't think that will stop me grinding the centre stand though).

I don't find a problem with buffeting (screen on lowest setting). It's a lot better than most sports bikes.
Boxer Rockster

Hmmm... well it doesn't have:

1 Gear position indicator.
2 No fuel gauge.
3 The road presence of the GS.
4 Price is not too far apart.

Tried a dealers demo fitted with Remus can and did fair mileage on it. It's ok but it's not a GS and I'm afraid that says it all for me!

Other than that its a BMW. If I were to buy something else then I'd buy a Yamaha Fazer 1000 ..oh silly me, but thats exactly what I've already done.

A Tuono or SV 1000 would be good as well, but I just love the Fazer.

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