R1150GS gearbox replacement


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Jul 3, 2002
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Following on from this thread, last night Andy Malton and I changed the gearbox over on my 1150GS for a spare one that I acquired a few months ago.

Andy arrived at my house at about 5pm with his trailer. The rear wheel was locked solid so we had to drag the bike out of the garage, down the drive and onto his trailer


We then drove the 17 miles back to Andy's house and his uber shed


At 6pm we began to strip the bike down. First the easy stuff like the tank and seat

Then it started to get a bit more serious, the airbox, battery cage and motronic unit were loosened off or removed and then the subframe bolts were undone and the entire subframe pivoted up out of the way



We then removed the bevel box


And swingarm


Finally, we were able to get to the gearbox and remove it

The new gearbox was then able to be slotted into place




The swingarm and bevel box were refitted



The subframe lowered and all other gubbins reassembled


Job done!


36 hours after the gearbox seized up 600 miles from home, I was back on the road.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Andy for all his help. I really am very lucky to know him.
DrAlf said:
36 hours after the gearbox seized up 600 miles from home, I was back on the road.

I'd like to say a huge thank you to Andy for all his help. I really am very lucky to know him.

That's what you call a mate.... :beerjug:
bit's n pieces

Don't know if you have been followoing this thread about gearbox problems, but here are a few pics of whats left of the bearing on the end of intermediate shaft,and what damage it does when it lets go.This is all thats left


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pic 2

looking inside where the bearing used to sit,you can see where it's eaten into the casing,the outer case is still there,but much damage at the top.


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You can all the swarf from the bearing,notice the big pile in bottom left corner.


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here is the last pic more gear damage,this box is toast,but hey you can't expect them to go forever.30k,come on mbw this is joke.This is the intermediate shaft showing whats left of the bearing still on the shaft and the worst damaged gear,nasty.


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Steptoe said:
Maverick are you watching.
:thumb :thumb :sunshine

Nice work fella's why did you not do it on the pavement :confused:

Neil thanks for popping by with your trailer and car when mine was stuffed, now that's what I call mates :D

The only thing I did different was re-assembling the bastard wrong, twice :rolleyes: and fortenately did not need to strip the bevel box etc from the gearbox which does make it a little bit easier - thanks for the tip Neil.

Well done and hope this one last many more miles than the original DrAlf!

Excellent thread, thanks for posting it.:thumb

Did you consider changing the clutch? When I used to have to take the gearbox or engine out of a car for any reason, I used to replace the clutch as a matter of course, unless it was virtually new - might as well - you've done the hard bit...:p


Yep I did consider doing the clutch but sadly couldn’t afford the touratech ceramic unit. The bikes my only transport so I couldn’t afford the downtime whilst I waited for a new clutch plate to arrive. Andy and I had a look though and it looks like the plates about half worn so should be good for another 20,000+ miles. I’m riding the bike much more carefully now so it might even last a bit longer.

I’ve contacted BMW about the gearbox failure and it’s due to be inspected\thrown in the bin at some point soon. I think I was lucky, it couldn’t have been really nasty.

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