R1150GS manual "online"


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Jan 7, 2002
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R1150GS manual "online"

I would never knowingly advocate software piracy, but for those wishing to "preview" the goods before parting with their hard-earned dosh, the entire 1150GS Repair Manual .pdf can be downloaded at




The 50MB file took me nearly 3 hours to download.

Thanks to the micapeak list for the links.
Are either copies of the manual in English? I persuaded an ISDN friend to download the manual from the first address but he tells me that the manual is in German and that he cannot connect to the second address.

Rgds Richard

I downloaded from the first address, and it's definitely in English, so I'm not sure what the problem is.

Sorry Steve,

My finger trouble when posting my first reply. Andy downloaded (a German copy) from www.motofiches.com and has not been able to access the other site. I'll harrass him a little more!

Cheers Richard

I must admit, I couldn't actually connect to the "atomic" site. I used a download manager, and directly typed the url of the .pdf file, and that seemed to work OK. If you want a CD with it on, mail me offline and we'll work something out.

Brilliant. Hve down loaded onto a CD. Took half the night, but what the hell, I,m on unlimited access.

Many thanks


Thanks scurrell,

I'm going to spend many a happy hour "previewing"
Given that delivery is quoted at September, I should be most of the way through it by then!

Downloaded from the Atomic site, this is excellent.
Thanks Scurrell
Jimb said:
Downloaded from the Atomic site, this is excellent.
Thanks Scurrell

What a nice guy I am. Enjoy!

Now, has anyone got the wiring book that I can scan and make available?
I seed it already mang.

I could do with the original to scan in properly and do a pukka job, so if anyone has it LMK
R1100GS Wiring diagram

Anyone out there got the R1100GS Wiring diagram ?

Got the manual for the R1100GS a while ago excellent. The R1150GS is worth having even if you don't have one (like me) as some of the pictures are very well anotated and applicable to the 1100.

took me 15 mins using my sooper dooper broadband connection

can also burn cd's if anyone wants one.:beerjug:
Bandit, could you burn me a copy, I've sent you an e-mail so you will have my details, get in touch and we can talk business.
I too can burn BACKUP copies of the R1100GS and R1150GS manuals.

I am going to Sarratt on Monday 26th July if that helps anyone.

Anyone got the wiring diagram for the R1100GS ?
There are enough offers of burning CDs out there, so I won't add another. But for those without the benefits of a CD-ROM, once I print one out (all 311 pages) - much easier to read in bed - I might be able to make copies for genuine technophobes . . . be warned, it'll weigh nearly as much as a ream of paper, so postage won't be cheap.
Simon E.
Malky, can you do me a CD please, I will collect it on Monday evening.

Bandit, if you do come up with a cd dont worry i wlii take it any way
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Dear Big C,

Just wondering whether your whipping scars, have healed or at the very least, stopped oozing. A little easier next time please, Miss Miranda;) :D

Simon T

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