R1150GS Wants new tyres

Donal Lynch

Have a set of squared off Tourances and are ready to be changed ,want to put on a more road oriented tyre , no more trails . What is out there for road use:aidan
I had Continental Road Attacks fitted just before a jaunt across the Channel to France & Belgium. They are very good and cheaper than Tourance to boot.

+1 for the road attacks. I've used them on my now departed 1150 and nothing but praise for them. Just bought a new 1200 that feels positively weird on Michelin Annekees - so much so that I've ordered a set of Contis that I'll have fitted on Monday. Any offers for a pair of 600 mile Anakkees anyone? I'm sure they're better on gentle off road but won't fit my Katie no matter how hard I try.........

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