Radar types in France and their problems

Mike Werner

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Apr 25, 2003
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Normandy, France
Just added a new article on my site about the radars used in France and how to get out of them in case you're caught (not for all of them).

As the article titles goes; "You don't need a big motorbile to do 137 in France, just a good lawyer":

Radar Types
Radar types in france

A very good article. ALL traffic travels much more slowly now as a result. Like it or not there has been a huge reduction in road deaths as a result. I will be interested to hear from any one in this area ( Vienne south of Lyon.) Safe riding, Brian
Nice one Mike!
The new measures are beginning to have an effect down here in the Languedoc. There are still enough back roads to enjoy without much risk at the moment but maybe that will change also.
Pity they are concentrating on speed, I would like to see a lot more breathalysers about.


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