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David Copeman

Am now the proud owner of a black R1150GS...as I don't have a garage, does anyone have any recommendations re. rain covers?
I have a good one from Classic Additions that I used with a VFR, but it's too small...
P.S. Great site, especially for GS newbies.
Classic Additions did a custom made one for mine after I melted the first one they sent me. They should have kept the pattern for the heat proof panels?
Fits with B*w side panniers but not the top box as well.
Had it for 3 years as I now use it on the urban steed (scooter & top box) and it still seems OK.....
The B*W one fits with panniers but not topbox, has a see through panel for the number plate and two big eye rings at the front so you can thread a chain through it when you chain up the bike otherwise some little sod would nick your cover. Not heatproof though....
I cant reccomend any cover as I have been disapionted with all that i have bought in the past but what I will say is get one thats lined to stop condensation forming on the inside of the cover and dripping all over your bike.
At my last home I used a Nuvo extra large.

It has elasticated bits over the wheels, a bungee cord that goes under the bike.

I did use 2 bungee cords as extra security in windy times as it does flap about a bit.

2 big vents to reduce condensation & ballooning. Bottom half aluminised so that it does not melt on exhaust

Best bit: just 20 quid mail order form MPS

Now have a garage so it is used as a dust cover.
The BMW LT cover will cover anything. it has a couple of zips which are relevant to the LT Aerials but they're not a problem. It's Blue/Black with a couple of reflective patches on it.
DB Covers

I've got a db cover, XL for tourers with luggage, seems well made and does the job.

Their web site is here

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