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Andy Challenor

I own a wonderful gs 1150 (wonderful except for the seat). Have just got off the phone with Melvin Hunter who is slowly getting a very good rep as a gs seat sorter and have mine booked in for next week for the full monty. During the conversation he said he can also do a very good job with the adventure seat as well. So any of you that find the GSA seat abit painful (it looks it) can contact Melvin for advise on 02476665203 or e-mail via the address on the web
(no I'm not on commision,honest)

Re: ..

The Foolish Fellow said:
what r u saying ?????? what kind of an arse have u?
adv seat way ahead of the std. seat (normal height that is )
much better foam padding.

Not as far as I was concerned. From the day I picked my Adv up, I was trying to work out how they marketed a bike as capable of going round the world when I couldn't comfortably ride it round the block. In the end I swapped the seat & rack for a std GS one - much better. It's a case of what suits your size & shape I guess - although I've yet to meet anyone who has a good word to say about the Adv pillion seat....

Yo Mike0....


Not surprised m8 - sat on ur lardy da soffa for the 3 months..!

Ref Adv seat , met a guy at SPC on their open day, 02 Adv with...

35,400 miles on the clock (just been round the world) and he had a corbin with back rest - the only "bolt 0n" extra he had, and was very pleased....£1000 ish !

So there we go !

£1000 ( u could buy a village in Wales for that !)

Anybody got a picture?

Of a Melvin adapted Adv seat? I need to improve the pillion part CONSIDERABLY or my pillion won't be able to walk. Corbin one looks OK, pillion bit looks definitely better, but they're damned expensive and Corbin have a ho-hum reputation for workmanship.
Here's a picture

This is one of Melvins with the gel inserts, front & back - it might be for sale - offers?
The picture !

I'll try again - its damn ugly !!


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The (standard, lowered) seat on my Adventure only gets uncomfy if I'm riding on Motorways or Dual Carridgeways... which is completely missing the point of owning a bike anyway.

Ride a sportsbike for a few years to get your arse "accustomed" ;)
Anybody tried the Touratech 'seat extender' (£70ish including replacement grab-rail)?



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That was part of the reason for having it done, the 'Mrs' isn't keen on the GS - no backrest! The gel insert does take away the slight vibration & is wider than the original with the rear slightly flared upwards.
The Corbin seat shown in the photo above by Gauloises with comment 'said seat very cosy' was a picture of my bike.

I can confirm the seat is really very comfortable, pillion also finds it very comfortable, and the workmanship is also very good. I have nothing but priase for it, yes it is expensive, about £850 but if you want the best you have to pay for it and this really is as good as it gets... seat wise. I tried many others before I bought it and you basically get what you pay for..

Whilst it may be comfy does it lower the seat height at all as I am on my tippie toes mit the beast???

Yes the seat lowers the height by about an inch and a half. That doesn't sound like much but I am just 6feet tall and it means I can go from having tip toes down to also my heels down at the same time. A big difference, but no change in ground clearance of course.

Would also mention it means you sit lower behind the screen of course so less wind noise, and perhaps better fuel consumption although I haven't bothered checking ...

As I said go get it...
Hi Clive,

Have just ordered a corbin for my Adventure from Equinox, 670 quid including the backrest and delivery ( or 495 for the seat only)
I know you are loaded so won't mind hearing this news!!

Yo Mike O,

I read with great interest your conversion of your ADV seat and rack to the standard seat and rack. I was considering the opposite conversion to my GS!
Where can I get hold of an ADV seat and rack?
Was it an easy conversion? W'dya think?


have a chat with Gauloises - he bought all the bits and converted his std GS to an Adv seat - he'll be able to tell you what you need. The actual conversion will take an hour or so, just spanner wielding. Cheapest way is to find someone who wants to do the conversion the other way (oo-err) - costs nothing then.......

Mike O,

Thanks for reply. Here's another one for you - what is the simplest method of contacting Gauloises? PM, or thread or other? I'm very new to this internet forum thingy!

Oh, I've done my research regarding a donation! That to come next when I've got my head round the technology.

Timmy :p
ADV Seat

Hi Timmy
it's going to be around £300
SPC do a kit with all the parts needed,
but i did end up with some spares.
i should have checked the box before i left :(
ie the stickers are £9 each :eek:
Seat £123.00 + vat
Rack£59.58 + vat
Seat lock support £23.83 +vat
Grab rail £47.66 + vat
Lock £14.00 + cable ? the bag the helmet/seat lock was in also had the cable in, but spc had supplied a separate cable :confused: and £11.92 +vat down
The rack also came with the badge already on thus spc had given me another spare £2.50 + vat :mad:
If your still interested i have the part numbers.


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