Rear Mudguard Removal/Number plate extender

Deryck Bowler

What are the pro and cons of this mod?

I have read it reduce the amount of crud on the back of the bike. However, when I was talking to a dealer a while ago, I was told that without the rear mudguard there is large arc of spray when it is wet, which is very unpleasant for anybody following. Is this true and does the fitting of the number plate extender make any difference to this?


The Touratech rear mudguard extender, pictured here, is about £12ish, from memory. It stops an awful lot of the mud & crap being sprayed over your pillion/rear of the bike and is a good investment. You could always make one yourself, it's only a bent bit of metal after all:) .

The lower mudguard was only fitted, I think I'm right in saying, to get the GS throught the German TUV (their MoT) regulations. It isn't fitted to the Adventure if you specify the 'Overlander' pack (knobbly tyres etc). I've removed mine with no discernable adverse effect. If you do remove it, a plate & plug to cover the holes is available from your dealer (about £4ish).

Best way to keep the crap off the back of the bike etc is to fit panniers.....



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Thanks for the reply Mike,
Does anyone have an opinion on the how removing the mudguard vastly increasing the amount of spray for following vehicles or was the dealer talking bollux?


Don't waste your money on the Wunderlich extender it looks s*** Just go to your local model shop and ask for a sheet of 40thou black 'plasticard' Cut a peice 5" wide x 62 deep and attach it behind the number plate so that 5" x 5" is visible below. This will keep the rear light and pillions back incredibly clean. I've had this mod on my GS for 12months and it works beautifully (total cost about 80p!!)
All the best
Sherpa ;)

That should of course read 5" x 6"
But i'm sure you will work that out!!!
Made mine out of a scraop piece of 4mm Dural plate, complete with home-printed "RipOffTech" sticker...:D
What is this blanking plate? I assumed that all I would have to do was remove the mudguard and replace the screws to keep the threads in good condition, possibly replacing them with shorter ones if the original were too long once, the mudguard was removed.

Looking at the picture again I now realise what the extender is, but for £11 what should I have expected. The homemade one sounds the better option.

The only question remaining was why the dealer told me that me why there was more spray with it removed? After he told me, I later had a good look at the back end and could not see why should be any worse. Indeed it looked like, with a load the numberplate would be preventing spray. I will assume that this is the case.

Here's a pic of my poor, dented pannier - but it also shows the blanking plate...



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Here's a pic of my poor, dented pannier

Come on, Mike - don't you own a hammer?
Wunderlich Rear Fender

The Wunderlich rear extenda fender seems to work but, it's a bit more pricey than the TT from what I've seen. Wunderlich bit cost $40 USD or something like's been awhile since I bought it...
thus spake arethustra...

Wunderlich rear extenda fender seems to work but, it's a bit more pricey ....

Shouldn't be any more difficult to copy than the TT one though!

I have the Touratech item. Works fine. Not the most expensive piece of kit in the book.
My wife & I were out at a local anture reserve and one of the paths crosses the railway, there was a sack of hard black rubber rail cushions at the side of the tracks so I liberated a few and one of these is just the job as a rear fender extender.
yeah do it. Works better and nobody has complained to me about the crap being thrown up. Sounds like more Expert BMW advice to me.

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