Recalls that aren't B*W's.

The Mechanic

Here are some interesting 'Recall' notifications published in a trade journal whose name I cannot use, and the notifications are in my words so that I do not compromise any copyright laws.

A well known UK manufacturer of super motoard/enduro style bikes using various other manufacturers engines has a problem with the lower fork triple clamp 'cracking' , and the side stand springs falling off or breaking.....very encouraging!

Another manufacturer not British (do we still exist) but one who always wins moto-cross and enduro championships has a problem with the rear wheel spindle snapping due to the use of poor material - not model specific....apparently it will snap if overtightened just a little bit....never mind the load placed on it when jumping obstacles etc.

This ones UK again unfortunately and involves the words speed and triple, a triumph of hem. Apparently the rear wheel bearings are liable to collapse without warning....very reassuring I don't think.

There was one about a German bike manufacturer and the 2nd and 3rd idler gears were not seated on their shaft correctly which could cause the g/box to lock up...but this has been well documented else where on this site.

The old chestnut about Rhondas flying Pan tummy hitting the traffic calming humps got a mention, but everyone knows about that ....don't we!

Again another one concerning that K*M make not model specific, and the bottom fork yoke may be cracked before the bike is even ridden!

There were many more but my time is limited so thats it for now, happy bike choosing!:(

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