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Sep 28, 2003
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Warwick Hunt
My standard 1150 lights nearly killed me last night. I dont often ride at night, so I go for long periods without it bothering me, but last night it drove me yampy!

Can anyone recommend me a suitable upgrade (preferably without it costing a bomb)?:beerjug:
Get the 50% brighter bulbs from Halfords and make sure they are adjusted properly (mine were set too low). Makes a very big difference - the 100 watt bulbs are crap and tend to blow easily.
If that is not good enough then get yourself a Migsel light bar a six pack of beer, type the word lighting in the search section and after about two days study you will be quite competent
Cheers GT. I must confess Id never heard of the Halfords 50% brighter jobbies, but Ill look at that first (as it sounds a tad cheaper)

The way to go...

IMHO this is the way to go..


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The setup..

I bought some Bulbs off BTBR.. and they did help but the problem i found was the shape of the beam.. ( though mine were badly adjusted and putting them right did help an awful lot ).

I do a lot of night riding. So.. I opted.. for Micro DE fogs, to suppliment me dip beam and FF75 driving lights to suppliment my main deam.

The FF75 come on with the main beam switch. The Micro DE are controlled from the indicator cancel switch, using a motorswitch made by Rob Farmer..

The FF75 came from BTBR and the DE is got locally..
The setup is mounted on a Migsel Bar...

Below is a pic of them full set on.. amazing at night.. finally have the better vision than when i was in the car.


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